Music for your yo-yo videos.


I am a musician, and yoyo enthusiast. I make a lot of music, mostly in the electro-techno-dance-dj kind of vibe. I am offering it out there for any would be film makers to use on their yoyo vids, free of charge, and royalty free. Which is a whole lot more convenient than putting your favorite tune on your vid, only for youtube to throw an almighty strop and say you cant use it because of licensing rights, or whatever.So, Im offering my music to you. I would obviously plug the vid in various places, thus getting your skills noticed.

Email me, and we’ll have a chat if you are interested…And have a listen to a couple of tunes here…

This is a small selection, there is plenty more where that came from!
Let me know if you require something a little more specific…


I don’t have time to listen to your music right now, but I’ve heard some before and it’s great. Do you want us to inform you that we’re using it before we do so? I’m sure I’ll use some in the future. :slight_smile:

Listen in your own time matey…No rush, eh!

Yes, do let me know if you are going to use anything, and send me a link to any vids you make, so I can plug them. I get some good feedback, and a lot of folk who arent into yo-yo’s get to see some good skills.
One thing, this is all I ask, if you do use a tune, put the song title (if you know it), a credit to MrBear, and a link to the reverbnation page? That would be splendid, and most appreciated!

Double good bud!

nice I might use one in the future

Please do!

If you are having trouble downloading any songs, get in touch with me with an email address, and I shall send whatever you need.

EDIT:Me again…

I just edited the reverbnation site, and have made more music available for free download that wasnt available before. If anyone still has any problems getting songs, let me know, and we’ll sort something out.
Drop me a line if you would like any extra’s that aren’t on the website!
There is a mailing list on the site too, sign up for updates and freebies, should the fancy take you.

Note: Please use the edit feature instead of double posting.

Hey sounds pretty cool!

Shameless Bump.

The offer is still open. And I have some smashing new music. Get in touch…

I’m all for using some of your great instrumental music in my next video. Will be picking up my FLIP soon, and then hopefully be able to make a video.

Nice one mate!

Let me know when its happening, I can send you a load of new stuff, if you like?

Hey, Can I remix that Koala Track?

Yes, of course! Send me the results? I would love to hear that…

Do you have any audio stems or midi from it I could snag?
This is me BTW

Yes…Somewhere. I shall have to dig through my files. There is a lot to dig through, but I shall find them. Of course, along the way, I will probably find a load of dusty, old, long forgotten music files and have a right old time making new noise out of them, but I shall try not to get distracted, and find the Koala files for you…
Give us a day or two…

Would be awesome with all the stuff I can possibly get. I’m not only looking for a good fit to my plans, I’m looking for the best.