Music Makers, Post your jams! I'll start.

I want to hear what people are working on!

Here’s my project I’ve been working on for a while.

I’d be stoked if ya’ll could help spread the word, if not just give it a listen :wink:

If you like it like us on facebook! (Link in description) MEE!!! for my non-serious music will have some of my eventual bedroom-studio recordings once I get my bedroom-studio set up

I might also post some stuff on my Youtube channel if I feel for it.

Here’s a new track I just finished. I know this thread is old. But I’d rather bump it than start a new one!

These were recorded with an analog mixer and I have since upgraded to a digital mixer and now mix in Logic instead of Garageband. I’m working on some stuff right now, and it sounds tops.

Here’s my soundcloud, it has some older stuff on it.

I posted this weeks ago, but I’ll take another opportunity to post again:

This song doesn’t really sound as much like “me” as my other stuff.  I decided to program the drums with a drum machine, then I decided to only use a bass guitar for the other sounds.  I just wanted to see what a song would sound like with a band full of only bass guitarists and a drummer (produced by me).  I sat down with my bass, and I used an effects unit to create some different sounds with it.  I remember only using about 5 or 6 tracks for the bass.  Anyway, I liked the end result, and it sat around for a few years as an instrumental.  When I was thinking of writing a yo-yo song, I still had this music on my 16 track hard disc recorder, so I used it.  I don’t use pro tools or any of that.  I’m still old school.  I usually sequence on the computer though, but I didn’t this time.  This all went straight to the hard disc recorder.  It’s called, “Hold Your Throws Up.”  The first verse, I’m a beginning yo-yoer, but the end verse, I have some experience (fiction).

SR, I liked that first one. The second one seemed a little lacking to me though. No offense. The second one was the chorus and verse repeated in exactly the same way.

None taken. I’m just the drummer haha.

I’ll be sure to post a vid of my band once we get going. Were just starting off.


Pretty much all of my stuff is here
Just announced a new album, tentatively titled ‘Syzygy’ to be released late fall. First track to drop from it is here
I would describe my sound as… Guitar based experimental hip-hop stuff. Anyhoo, hope you enjoy!

Thanks! I put allot of work into that track. I’m glad you liked it.  ;D