any windows 7 phone music apps?

So, my sister really wanted her i pod back, and i gave it to her. mostly becuase i have a app called “music”. but the problem with it, is after i have a couple of songs saved on it,it just deletes them all! :’(
so do you guys know any good (preferably free) music apps? i dont want to buy every song, just search the song i want and add it to a playlist.

sorry if that was worded weird :stuck_out_tongue:


Grooveshark. It’s not an app but it has a great mobile website and it works.

The SoundCloud app! Once you make an account you can edit the playlists online.

Why not pandora?

Or rhapsody? I don’t remember if this is a paid app or not but I remember there is such a huge amount of music on there of all genres and types that if you cannot find anything to listen to then I think you just won’t find any music anywhere to be happy with.