Zune vs. iPod


I HAVE ALREADY OWNED BOTH OF THESE PLAYERS I don’t need to know which one to get :slight_smile:
I want to know your opinion on these two media players…
games are out of the picture at this point, because apples app store and zunes app store is like comparing wal-mart to a convenience store.

I’m talking about the video, music, photo, etc. aspects of the two.

Give us your 2 cents.

i have no idea what the zune is so ipod all the way

I don’t have either one, but I know a couple of people who’ve had both and for what you specify, it’s Zune hands down.

I tried a Zune and it was hard to navigate and it just didn’t really work. I’m typing this message on my iPod right now. And it is easier to download music and tv shows onto iPod. iPods are the best. I heard Zune was going out of business.

I bought a zune and I certainly don’t recommend buying one. The software is slow and clunky, difficult to set up, and the device just isn’t high quality. Mine broke in less than 6 months of normal use.

Definitely go with the Ipod.

iPods are too small (IMO) and they’re expensive…

Zunes make you use their software to put music on… No thanks.

I have a 3rd Gen iPod colour and I’ve had it for years still works great and holds it’s charge great. Just make sure if you get one to put it in a case.

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And iPods don’t make you use their software, iTunes? /Smashing/ arguement you got there.

I’d go with a Sansa Fuse (or any of their other media players).


Actually I use Banshee not iTunes never cared for such bulky media players that won’t let you share music with friends.

Tried using a Zune on other media players and I couldn’t add any music or access what was on it.

I remember when MP3 players were new, and you could just drop files onto them. Now you have both Microsoft and Apple “forcing” you to use their terrible software. It’s embarrasing how the majority of people just let corporations take a giant dump on their customers like that.

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It’s embarrassing to see that people think their only too options are a Zune or an iPod.

Neither, go with a sansa fuze. There just as good and dead cheap. Unless you really really want games, there’s no reason to go any other way. Plus they have these genius small SD card slots that allow you expand your memory if you need more space instead of spending ludicrous amounts of money on an ipod with more memory. Plus, and this is my favorite part, it doesn’t use iTunes! Which, btw, are about 4 times more compressed than normal mp3 files, and are compatible with nothing besides iPods.

iPod all the way. Get a touch, though. Deffinately more than 8GB if you dont want to have to constantly change the media you have on it (I made that mistake once).

Apple is always coming out with new updates, and iOS is really good. Since you were wanting it mainly for music, video, etc., your probably going to want to get better headphones than what the device comes with.

I know you said apps werent a big part of your decision, but there are a LOT of sweet iPod apps that have to do with music enhancing, editing, DJ, etc.

Get an iPod and get the YYE app! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have a iPod touch 4th gen. I love it and use it all the time. As for iTunes, it is pretty limiting. So I just use another program to save my music and then use iTunes to put it on it’s library. Little extra work, but you get around iTunes limitations.

i have a zune hd and an ipod touch the ipod set up is more user friendly but the zune you can get unlimited music

I have a Sansa Fuze+, and I both love it and hate it.

Zune has a certain epicness, beauty, gracefulness to it, but other than the unmatched epicness, beauty, gracefulness that the Zune has, iPod wins. By far.

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