Where do you guys get your music?


Soundcloud? iTunes? Youtube to MP3 coverter (is that illegal?)?

(Owen) #2



Wherever it’s free…


I have some friends who are musos so I’m constantly getting stuff from them.





grooveshark.com and pandora. plain ol radio.


I buy CD’s and us Itunes or whatever to copy to my ipod. I’ve also got a sony mp3 player that has an app to copy CD’s.

(JonasK) #8

Libraries, record stores, concerts.

I also listen to state-funded radio. It doesn’t sound like a good thing, but it blows pretty much every other Norwegian station out of the water when it comes to variety AND quality. While most stations play the same pop songs every day, this station gives me a good mix of classical, jazz, pop and Norwegian folk.


i buy my vinyl at Newbury Comics, or if it’s rare, ebay.


I have Spotify premium, and I love it.


I use Freemake video converter from Freemake.com
It great. You can download any video off YouTube and convert it to audio. I use it for all my videos and freestyles.
And then I use virtual dj to do the track switches and gunshot effects.

Really recommend you checking out Freemake for your freestyles they’re both free


I illegally download 99.97% of my music.

(SR) #13

iTunes, also my very good friend gave me about 1000 songs, and I have illegally downloaded many albums as well. :slight_smile:


I buy the CD.

I know, blasphemy.

(Owen) #15

Haha it’s not blasphemy; CDs are where it’s at.

(WildCat23) #16

Sorry, but that’s vinyl…


I buy through Itunes. I hate it when people illegally download music. It’s a huge middle finger to all hard-working artists who depend on sales to survive. How would you like it if you spent a huge amount of time pouring your effort into something and not being rewarded? it’s like someone going to work and the boss saying " You know what, I can’t be bothered to pay you the miniscule 10$( and it is miniscule when you think of all the work put into it) for your hard work. I’d rather me save a tiny amount of money and make you work for free. Jerk move.


You know that the (average) artist/band/musician only gets roughly 15% of total sales? Most of the money goes to the record label and distributor.

Out of that 15%, the band’s lawyer, producer, business manager, and personal manager also need to be paid. The BAND ends up making about 2% of total sales. Divide that up between the singer, guitarist, drummer, and singer; and they’re each looking at a measly half of a percent.

I’d rather not support these already-rich record label fat-cats.


I don’t want to start an argument, but most of my music comes from small record companies that pay their bands much more. i suppose it’s your choice, but if you don’t support the so called “fat cats” then your favorite bands won’t have the money to make new albums. If the “fat cats” don’t make money on albums, they won’t be encouraged to support those album’s artists.


Good on you for wanting to support the artist, however, if you listen to artists on smaller more indie labels then you should download directly from the label website. Buying through itunes supports itunes, not the hard working musician. A $10 album from itunes gets the artist around .94 cents :-[