Biting the bullet, buying a mac

Ironically, the idiom “biting the bullet” is “biting the sour apple” in Norwegian. Just thought I’d start this semi-controversial post off with a bad pun.

I just ordered a macbook pro. I’ve always had this weird kind of hate towards Apple. They keep saying they invent stuff while they are really just using existing technology. And after that they go around taking people into court for making rectangles with rounded edges. Why did I just buy a mac?

Well the hardware in the macbook pro isn’t THAT bad for the amount of money you pay. While you can easily build a laptop for about 20% cheaper, it’s not the end of the world. That said, I did not buy a mac because of the hardware. Some factors went into this decision:

I work with music. I make music, and if I manage to make a living off making music, that’s what I will be doing in the future. One cannot deny that mac is the industry standard and if you pull out a PC with Windows on it people will look at you like you’re an alien that just landed with his spaceship.

I needed a new laptop. My desktop is great, my laptop is a 4-year old piece of junk with 2GB RAM and a 32 bit OS that somehow manages to “waste” the little RAM I have. This thing was technically a piece of junk when I got it. Then why did I get it? It was a practically free machine on behalf of Norwegian Secondary school.

Looking at Windows 8, I realize that I really cannot give Apple that much hate anymore. Not because they have made their platforms more open, but because Microsoft is starting to make their own platforms more closed. The only reason why I still have Windows on my desktop is because I like to play games, and there aren’t that many games on Linux yet.


Jeg angrer ikke på at jeg valgte mac når det var på tide med ny bærbar :slight_smile:

Admin Edit: Translation: I do not regret that I chose the mac when it was time for new laptop.

[b]Please type in english please.


If you purchased the newest MacBook I really hope you have everything you need on it. If you wanna update the hard drive you have to buy a new one, cause they saudered it in. So that people can’t replace them easily. Haha

I hear that this was only the case with some specific 15" retina MBP’s. I happen to have a regular 13" one.

I can’t wait for steam on linux…

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Yeah I’m really disliking where Windows is headed. As if I didn’t already dislike them.

I hated Mac as well to start with but the more I look at it the better it looks compared to Windows (Not so closed down and it’s http://WAY cheaper to buy the OS)

I currently use Linux Mint it’s one of my favorite distros (Though I’m pretty much a noob at Linux).

I have a dislike for the rated-g happyface ‘Designed In California’ branding which insults my intelligence. And they are the worse company to deal with for return of defective product.

However, they do make the best tool for the job I do, so although I don’t fall into the pit of fandom I do like their products and os, iOS is too opaque though I still use it.

It’s not really cheaper considering that you have to actually buy one of their overpriced computers in order to get hold of it.

Really? I thought you could boot it off of any computer.

I agree Macs have always been the standard for music, but really that gap is closing pretty fast and I doubt it will be too long before Windows matches Mac.

I was in the same situation not too long ago.

I have been a Windows user my whole life so switching over to a Mac was a big deal. I had a Toshiba laptop that was a few years old that simply couldn’t keep up with some of the software I was running so I decided to get a 15’’ Macbook Pro.

I have not had a single regret thus far; it’s been about 6 months or so. I think besides the obvious face value that Windows machines will usually get you more bang for buck, with the Mac comes the “nice” factor because the machines really are simplistic, elegant, and fun to use and they feel very solid.

Its not a bad choice at all.

You probably can - but good luck finding the right drivers.

You could if you wanted to, but it’s sort of complicated. There’s a couple websites dedicated to it if you look around.

It would take a lot to get windows to be as lightweight and secure as something unix based, like linux or Mac. While I feel like it might get close with windows 8, I strongly dislike where they’re headed. Valve shares the same opinion; they originally liked the openness of the pc platform, and openness isn’t something windows 8 is striving for.

I’m hoping that linux can grow enough in popularity to become as supported as the other two. It’s come a long way, and with valve starting to support it I feel like it might get there.

Yeah I figured the driver support would be crappy.

Why do that?
I personally haven’t upgraded past snow leopard because the system is still accessible to do things like use a custom hosts file, not sure in the new blocks access completely to files on that level. I’ve been figuring they’re moving to a more opaque model like iOS.

Anyone with experience tweaking the new iOS and not having it automatically rewrite your changes I’d be very interested to hear about it. Also, sausages.

The drivers are fine as long as you use osx supported hardware.

*NIX User here. I refuse to buy from apple because it’s highly overpriced, closed source, and the entire company was basically stolen. (let’s face it, Wozniak did far more for technology than Jobs did)

macs are a special breed. it’s a laptop. in an aluminum case. with a light-up logo. guess what? you’re an advertisement. the hardware in a mac is low-end Foxconn junk that only barely makes it through quality control. the operating system is a bastardized Linux OS with heavy integration between OS and application, making it nearly impossible (not to mention frustrating) to develop software for a mac. what gets me is the “music/video editing” mythos of it all. Macs aren’t any better at making music or editing videos than a similarly spec’d PC (in fact, the cheap video cards they use can hardly be called “modern”) the only reason they’re an industry standard… is because musicians are showoffs and like to spend a lot more money than they need to.

I’ve been saying since the face of apple changed: “Apple isn’t a technology company, but a very very efficient marketing company” and it holds true. they have a great image, they’re sexy, and they have the name. but apple hasn’t introduced us with anything new in the past two decades. hell, look at their litigation history and see for yourself all the money they’ve paid to keep selling their products. it’s no wonder they’re so outrageously expensive

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Surely the only OSX supported hardware is the hardware that’s used to build a mac. Therefore the only computers that could run OSX properly would be Macs or computers built with the same hardware as a Mac.

Seeing as it’s based on *NIX, most of the drivers are compatible with a range of hardware, not just the individual hardware that comprises a mac. also, different “runs” of macbooks have slightly different hardware, so to compensate, OSX has standard drivers for a decent range of hardware. apple wants to make sure it can use the absolute cheapest hardware available at the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

…The idea that musicians like to spend more money than they need to is, quite simply, ludicrous. There was arguably better music editing software for mac way back when, but now that’s not really a factor. Today, I’d say people think macs are better for sound recording because they have garage band. Which is probably the best free recording software available. How the software, worth about $30, makes up for the hundreds of dollars extra you’ll spend to buy a shiny little apple on back of your computer, I don’t know.