thinking of buying a lathe....I NEED HELP!!!

Ok usually i ask my uncles friend to use his but he moved so i need find one does anyone know if this would be able to do the following cause i couldnt find any reviews or anything.
silli reccess/schoomve
high wall
and maybe in the far far far future make a yoyo
here this is the lathe yes i am buying it used but i dont want to buy taig lathe over the internet cause of shipping and i am canadian. I mean it looks ok but i am bit woried cause he didnt post any other info. And my uncle friend is selling his its a taig but its $400 and i dont know if i wanna spend that much but it comes with tools and everything.

Trust me you want the Taig! an extra $150 for a lathe thats more moddable than any other lathe.

I’ll be getting me a taig as soon as I can.
Here is what I have. Its WAY better than that lathe in your link and I still want a TAIG.

This is not mine. I have one just like it but this pick was better than mine.

well the thing is i am buying a alienware laptop so its kind of hard to decide as well i go on a off throwing so its kinda hard to decide but do yiu have any opion on that one.

You’re buying an alienware laptop? why would you do that? they are -massively- over priced… do some searching and you can find identical machines for a fraction of the price…

As for the lathe… check this modding section in about 5 minutes, I will post my lathe buying guide here. (it is already on the other web boards)

I don’t recommend -any- cheap lathe other than the Taig.


Well cause nothing can match the m17x and I have a friend there well friend of a friend who can get it for me for 30% off. And there not over priced any more since Dell backed them up. Thanks kyo

Before you waste your money…

I matched that up -identical- to the alienware m17x… I had to add some things to the base m17x as the above laptop exceeds the base specs of the alienware machine.


Alienware: $2429 (if you get a 30% discount, that’s $1700.30)
New Egg: $1499.99

That means that even with a large discount, the new egg asus machine is $200 cheaper.

I should note the New Egg machine is actually -better- since its hard drive is 7200 RPM vs the 5400 RPM drive you can get on the Alienware machine… and yea, that’s a significant performance difference.

Of course, if you feel you must throw away an extra couple hundred bucks… feel free to just send the cash to me instead.


but that laptop is on ddr2 while alienware is ddr3 and hard drive is 7200 rpm. as well as i am not a big fan of asus laptops just cause they add so much to it like like the wierd lights at the back and all this random things like the extra screen i mean some people might like it but i like a clean look. And i was thinking of buying a netbook and a alienware desktop so it will be a bit cheaper.

Just make your own computer. Not hard to do, just buy all the pieces. You could surpass an alienware if you want if you know what parts to get, and can do it even cheaper than any company making it for you. Ask JM about it; he can help you out with getting one beast of a computer put together, seeing as how he is kind of doing the same thing.

LOL netbook.

Sorry if I offend any netbook users, but I think netbooks are a waste.

i did and there is no way i will be able to make this set up any cheaper here is a link
the only reason i only got a single gpu is cause i can all ways put in another one if i had to and the hard drive well same thing and with 12 gigs of ddr3, core i7 and liquid cooling thats going to be hard to make under $1600.  And netbooks are awesome the only thing you cant do is play games well you can play wow as well as there cheap.

Ok I’m sorry but my laptop has nearly the same specs as that, and it costs around $800. Plus it’s a tablet and has touchscreen.

what laptop

If you really, really want an Alienware then go for it. They really are awesome machines, but you pay way too much for them. My roommate just bought the laptop that Kyle built up and it’s totally a beast. DDR3 is not that big of an advantage, and the motherboard that you have to use is very limited as it’s not compatible with anything other than DDR3. You wont be able to run Crysis at all max at more than 27 frames a second or so, but the alienware can’t do any better.

ddr3 does have some like ddr2 can only go up to 1333MHz while ddr3 can go up to 1800MHz and can twice as much memory the only reason why i want a computer with ddr3 is cause it is the future and all motherboards are specific and with a nivida 260 gtx gpu with 2gb of dedicated memory and a 2.56ghz core i7 quad prcessor i am sure it should.(i am talking about the desktop) And the laptop should be able to play it a bit higher than that but i dont even play crysis so i will prob under clock and keep play cod and left for dead. and the asus is ok but i think it looks wierd with all the stuff they put on it cause my brother just bought the g50vt and i think it looks ugly but he loves it so i quess its personal prefrence.

I’m telling you now that you will only get 30FPS max. Don’t get me wrong, that is very, very playable. The point is that you don’t have to spend all that money on the Alienware.

If you like the way it looks, that’s fine. But just do so with the knowledge that you’re paying too much.

i know its not completely needed but i think i am going to buy the desktop.

I would tottally get a desktop, but if your going places and need a computer i would get a dell xps…IMO

I build desktops, but its far more expensive than buying a pre-built one, especially if you run a quad core, and watercooled intel cpu and 3 nvidia 9800gtx cards in SLI, DDR4 Memory, and 1Tb hard drive array…
As for Alienware laptops, there really overpriced, i would go with a Dell XPS, more bang for your buck…as always, go with xp, instead of windows 7 or vista (SUCKS)…

Buying stuff off the shelf you likely won’t get any choice but windows 7… and downgrading stock hardware can often be very difficult due to driver problems and such.

Luckily, it’s not bad… infinitely better than vista (granted, so is… well… everything).


well for one thing xp can only go up to 3-4gb of ram so haveing 12 is meaning less as well as i think they stoped expanding vista so its going to be windows 7 if you want to use all your ram. And i dual boot windows 7 with ubuntu as well as window seven is pretty good alot better than vista although its not saying much. And dell is alienware the reason why alienware cost more is part of the name but also cause people are willing to pay and the lights and extra things that make alienware known for. And dell xps are ok but if i was looking for a low cost i would go oem and buy a clevo. And 3 gpu your going to need to buy a serious power supply for that and ddr4 isnt out yet and if it is your going pay an arm for it as far as i know its only in gpu. Best brand in the world is clevo even though its known very well.

get a MAC