Q's for the computer making peeps


I really would like to buy a laptop or desktop. I’m curious to know what’s the cheapest solution? Like what’s the best quality for the lowest price? And if it would be cheaper to have one made vs. buying a brand name.

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It really depends on what you want. Do you want a cheap, everyday, reliable machine, or do you want an extremely fast gamers comp that squeezes every last drop of performance out of the chips (Can be cheaper than you think, but unreliable)?

Also, I recommend getting Windows 7 if you are building your own computer, as Windows 8 is really optimized for touch screens.


hm… I don’t plan on building one, but my dad said he knew a guy. And I’m sure there are more people who make them. I just wanted to know if it be cheaper to have someone make one.

And I’d like it in the middle. I really don’t need anything extremely fast. Just fast enough to stay cheap.

Reliability? Hm… Definitely can’t be crashing on me. Though since I don’t need the “super fast, gaming, power drop squeezing-computer” I don’t think that’d be a problem.

Any price range for this middle ground computer?


Probably 500+. What specs are you looking for?

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What will you use it for? Internet and the occasional Word File, or photo/video editing and CAD-like programs?


At a given price point you can usually get more/better computer if it’s a custom built job that a name brand model like HP or Dell.


I’ve built my own computer for years and I agree with this if you know what you’re doing.

Generally though, computers have come down in price so much that the cost difference between building and buying is very small.

And there’s a big benefit to buying from a reputable company that will help troubleshoot problems or stand by a warranty when something goes wrong. If you can’t build the computer yourself (and thus repair it yourself), I’d strongly advise buying one from a company.


Not really sure. I basically know squat :-\ . Though I was hoping more-so on the lower side of $500.
I know I’d like it fast (Ram?) Large enough memory (disk space?) and don’t care if it’s a lap top or desk top. I know desk tops are normally a bit cheaper (because I was told with laptops you pay a lot for “compactedness”.) I know that’s not much help.

probably for internet (movie watching, FB, ebay, simple stuff.), and CAD-like programs.

Know anyone in particular that provides those sevices that has good deals?.

Good point. I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

And just to make a point I know there’s no super computer for free. I’m willing to save as much as it takes I just am looking for the right computer at the right price.

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For building a comp:

You can get Windows 7 really cheap, and its a better operating system. I’ve found it for around $50. Also, don’t waste money and get the 64 bit version. Get the 32 bit boot disk, download a 64 bit boot disk from a reputable site, and use your 32 bit license to activate 64 bit. This was done intentionally for computer builders and is definitely the way to go. Your comp will run smoother and faster (Assuming the processor is compatible).

Also, look out for deals on last years models. I got a super fast 1gb video card for $25 because it was (Slightly, as in 2 years) outdated.

EDIT CAD is very processor heavy. You might want to think about buying a cheaper processor and overclocking it. Make sure to get a great fan!


If you can operate a screwdriver and zip ties, you can build your own. It’s incredibly easy to do. The hardest part about doing your first build is researching what parts you want. If you want, I can plan out a quick build on pcpartpicker for you on what you would probably need. Instead of paying someone to build one for you, use the money you would pay them to buy better components. If you want, I can even link a few videos on building your first rig.

If you want a laptop, I would highly recommend an Asus. They’re great performance for the cost.

Edit: I just made threw this together in a few minutes
You could definitely shop around for most of the stuff. Windows 7 you should be able to get pretty cheap. RAM looks like it’s gone up in price over the last few months though, I got 8 gigs of great quality stuff for 25 bucks 5 or 6 months ago. I’m honestly not sure how good of a gpu you would need, but a 7770 should be more than adequate. The case you could probably find a cheaper one, I just picked that one because it has front panel usb 3.0. Unless you plan on doing any overclocking, stock cooling and a b75 mobo will be more than enough. If you want to get a sandy bridge over an ivy bridge cpu (2nd gen instead of 3rd) you could even get an h61 mobo for cheaper. But an i3220 has pretty good benchmarks and should be more than enough cpu for what you need it for.

Newegg has a 3 part video series about building a computer that’s excellent and should answer any questions you have, as well as walk you through it step by step.


Micro Center has a good bunch of info on BYOPC as well.



Hm, BYOPC seems like an awesome project. 500+ is kinda rough on my saving ability. By what must be done must be done…


Try ebay. I got my hd7850 for around $170 shipped, when they normally go for 200+. And I’m not sure if you have Frys by where you live, but if so, check their weekly ads for deals. Also, constantly check newegg and tigerdirect for sales, they’re 2 places I got 90% of my parts. You could more likely than not skimp on the gpu unless you plan on doing any gaming. Most people get by fine with an integrated graphics card.

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He said he’s gonna do Cad-like stuff. He could just wait for a sale.


Oh woops, didn’t catch that. In that case, I would say drop the 7770 and replace it with a quadro 600.


I got mac mini and just upgraded it i have a tv just for xbox and my computer


How does a mac mini work. I know I could google it and will, but you know why not ask :smiley:

also I’m looking for something on the lower hand of $500. When I said cad-like I meant possibly blender. A friend mentioned it, but our laptop is slow.
I don’t really know a lot about computers and think just buying one for now is what I need. If someone could point in the right direction on where and what to buy that’d be helpful. I plan on saving a link to this thread for reference when I do plan on making a com.


You hook the mac mini up to any monitor ( it has no screen)

And i just upgraded ram

About $600-$700 and well worth it


Mac Minis are an underpowered way to get a Mac if that’s what you’re interested in. They’re perfectly adequate computers for the money.

For $500, BYOPC will get you something with a lot more beef. Not sure I would worry about overclocking it, though. We overclocked when we had Athlon 1700s because the difference was immense. Now, the difference is negligible.

As for CAD… definitely good to have a higher-powered card. But you can always leave it to render and go throw some combos. :wink: Not the end of the world!


Ok so I was talking to my dad and he actually likes the idea (to my surprise). And building one is a more likely possibility now. As you all can tell it’s a bit of a wishy washy topic, because what I want isn’t set in stone. I appreciate the help, and list of parts. I have another Q though.
(1) would making a $500+ computer be as powerful as a $800+ computer from a company?(seeing how many say building it is cheaper I’m looking for the saving part, haha)