So im wanting a latop im pretty labtop illiterate. So what would be a good labtop that wont break the bank? And do some labtops function better at certain stuff than others?

It’s laptop… Get one of those $229 Google jobs.

Well first off it’s lap-top. :wink: And second, I think Asus laptops are decent for their price. I’m not THAT much of a computer wiz though.

Google chrome books are really cheap and amazing, at only $250

If you do anything other than browse the web and want to be productive then avoid these.

It really depends on what you want to do with it that changes how much you’ll end up spending. If you only plan on using for an things like an internet browser, skype, or schoolwork then you can probably find something decent pretty cheap. If you want to use any production software or do a lot of gaming then you’ll want to put more money into it.

How do you define breaking the bank? I’ll gladly look up good laptops given a price range if you want. Just look up things like the processor, RAM, video card/integrated graphics, etc of ones you’re considering and compare.

Oh ya cause they go on you lap. That makes sense lol. But im looking for a good laptop to do digital painting on. And breaking the bank would be like 750+

laptops are the same as any other computer. It really just depends on what you want to do with it though. What do you mean by digital painting exactly? Are we talking photoshop? And could you instead use a desktop? Because a desktop you could build for that price would far surpass the capabilities of a laptop, not to mention it would be much easier to upgrade in the future.
You’ll probably want something with a bigger screen (I’d say atleast 15.6". 17 would be better though)
and I’m not really sure how graphics intensive that is though. I don’t think it’s very though, so you would probably be fine with an integrated graphics card.
But anyways, probably go for an i5 or i7, I’d say minimum of 4 gigs of ram, 8 preferably, something with a decent amount of memory. 500gb-1tb should be fine.
Look at a few laptops in your price range (or let me know if you could make do with a desktop.). Link them hear, and we can let you know if they’re good enough.

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Digital painting… eh?
I would suggest a [refurbished] mac.
If you are using a PC currently, than the transition from PC to mac may be just a little bit difficult, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

i would not recommend this. It is unable to do anything besides go on chrome, no editiing, no usb port, nothing. At least, the last model I saw. Sorry but i dont have anything positive to say. :stuck_out_tongue:

MacBook Pro good investment because if you buy a 300 dollar computer it going to break every year and a MacBook Pro never breaks down

First off no matter what do not get a laptop with the new windows program at all! It has so many bugs and easily hacked you shouldn’t want to have it at all and nearly impossible to navigate!

I. hate. Windows. 8. (Rhymes)

That’s kind of ignorant. I’ve had an asus laptop for 3 years and never had a problem with it.
Macs (no matter what apple fanboys will say) aren’t superior to pcs in any way. The parts aren’t specially made for them, and they have no better components than a pc for 1/3 the price. The only difference other than aesthetics is the operating system. They use the same intel processors, same amd or nvidia (usually) gpus, same memory, same hard drives, etc etc. They’re the same internally.

And yeah, windows 8 is awful. That’s why I put windows 7 on the computer I built, even though I could have had windows 8 for the same price, if not cheaper.


Well I prefer a MacBook Pro instead of a cheap, crappy computer.

I’m not gonna start a flame war, or start a completely off topic debate about this. Believe what you will. But like I said, there’s not a single difference aside from the operating system and the physical shell.

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While I agree that pcs are not all bad, I do prefer Macs. There’s just something about them. I find them easier to use, more reliable, and overall I have a better experience using a Mac vs PC. Plus, I’m not doing anything that requires special hardware or add-ons. So, if you’re looking for a good gaming computer, a Mac would not be your best choice.

Yeah the macbook comment is ignorant. My 180$ hp mini lasted 3 years, and the virus was my fault from not checking for viruses because it took too long, and it was cheap so I didnt really care. This computer im on, an HP Pavilion, has lasted since Christmas of 2009 I believe. Care is what gives a computer life. A macbook is ideal for a cololege student though, fast, nice software, itunes, small, look fancy. But a windows computer can be easily built custom, for about the same price as a mac my borther has a computer probably 5 times faster. he uses it for gamings, gave it led’s, and all kinds of fancy things.(Can’t tell you exactly, he went to college for that, im in no way interested in them)

I also think that macs are way overpriced. Like i said, you can custom build a windows way better, way cheaper. You can also buy one. This was 600$ or so, not to bad. Its nice, has some cool features, and big. No signs of wear, and works good as new.

Luckily for me though, i will get a mac when I go to college, free of charge. Otherwise, I would suggest custom building a Desktop, or buying a laptop with windos , and this pavilion is REALLY nice!

Well macs can’t get a normal computer virus since apple runs a. Whole different system than windows

But if you take care of a PC, you really won’t have too many problems with viruses.

Just need antivirus. I think its 50$ a year, and most come with a free year.