I was just on the phone for an hour and a half with microsoft support because i could not get into my email, dude took over the computer right infront of me and started showing me what had went wrong, i had 6,164 errors that had cause certain applications to stop working which let other users over the world access my information, my bank info is on that computer. The computer has virus software and all that good stuff. 250$ later problem resolved, this will set me back quite a bit for me to pay my court fine, but ill find a way to pay it. I will sell as many yoyo string apparel items as my fingers will allow me to braid!!

Just a reminder, even if you have the works, things can go wrong and people can get through firewalls and virus software. Run updates, call microsoft for a free check up, make sure your ontop of things.

I want everyone who reads this to learn from what has just happened to me.

But having to throw down 250$ is a sacrifice i am willing to make to protect my bank account and other important things. The guy originally was going to charge me 500$ for the 3 year plan and computer sweep, but i had explained to him how tight money is for me right now an i simply didnt have 500$ to prevent other people from accessing something that is MINE. Lol

Be safe

Peace love and good vibes for all - Sammy

Wow, that’s a lot of bread to lay down. Maybe you can convert to a Mac one day. Virus free.
I’m hardly on the computer any more, mainly use my iPad. Companies insert cookies and Trojans into our computers without us even knowing. They monitor our web surfing. Most of the time, it isn’t a hacker messing with your computer. Just some companies looking to advertise.

it doesnt matter about the virus thing, a virus didnt get me… A person did bro, and that computer could infect the rest of the things in my friends house, tablets , phones etc.

And if you think 250$ is a lot to throw down u should see how much my fine is lol now im 250$ more in the hole. Lol great.

PC is master race plus the reason macs don’t have virus is that less people have macs so less hackers hack them, if your a hacker you would go for the big group ie pc but for real if you want almost virus free get Linux.

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Plus, macs are actually harder to hack.

i didnt get hacked either, lol thats what im sayin, the computer applications stopped working an the computer immediately became an open book to the world wide web.

If you read the trades, MACs have viruses and security issues as well as PCs. And they’re no harder to hack. As the MAC user base grows, look for the threat to grow as well. Same for linux.

Maybe try Kaspersky. It has a feature that scans for out-of-date software. I loved it while I had it, but it is a subscription-based product, so you’ll have to buy it again in about 3 years

Yes thats what we use on our computer! But before. That we had fedora which they came out with too many versions so we forgot that and got ubuntu.

Macs are getting more and more viruses and the lack of Anti virus adoption in the mac world makes them easy prey. [shadow=red,left]Linux free secure awesome[/shadow] mac has way more viruses than linux, and in linux they all need Root to run. last I checked it was around 45 viruses for Linux all needing full root. Also Linux works great on older hard ware, I mean I have old pc’s running the latest mint or ubuntu, but I also have my gaming pc running the same thing and they both run it lack champs, linux doesn’t slow down with time and is just awesome, as beginner stick with LTS releases the others are basically Betas. Linux also gives you crazy amounts of choices, like over 100 different os’s. To start stick with Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Also the Mac virus free thing had to be removed before it was going to be forced down as fraudulent. Macs are no where near virus free, that myth has been dispelled, some one wrote a trojan to mine bitcoins that was for mac.

I would have backed up important files, reformmated the computer, and come clean with a fresh install… Ive always been computer savy though, if you ever need support hit me up and ill try to help you for free

Apple has great marketing, but I wish everything they put out lived up to what they said. The only problem I have with Apple is how often they choose to use buzzwords rather than actual facts, that you need to research yourself, when everyone else tells you straight away.

Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about what happened YoRED, good vibes comin your way man.

no viruses, but low end macs cost 5 times as much as low end PCs.

Did they turn your computer into a zombie?

Did you read my post about how macs get viruses here’s a link to one such outbreak: http://www.pcworld.com/article/253403/mac_malware_outbreak_is_bigger_than_conficker.html
also apple itself redacted the claim that they are virus free. Another Source: http://www.macworld.com/article/1166254/what_you_need_to_know_about_the_flashback_trojan.html
There are highend pc’s lots of them and a top end PC is not as much as a Apple PC, PC stands for Personal Computer. For example I have an Asus Gaming Laptop, It is a tank, with the same or similar power as my friends almost $3000 mac, except I can swap my own drives and open it up to work on it. But my next laptop will be a system 76, guaranteed linux support, and they are all custom.