50 a year or no virus protect because your MacBook Pro doesn’t need it

But Macbook Pros are a good 400 to 500 dollars more expensive.

So what

So 50$ for 5 years, then you get carless. Thats a total of 850$ and as long as you keep your sites straight, it can last as long as a macbook.

Or, 1400$, no protection needed.

Btw it’s spelled laptops or labtops

That’s incorrect. there are viruses for macs. they don’t use magic uncorruptable software. The viruses for macs are different and a bit less common than they are for pcs for a number of reasons, but trust me, there are mac viruses.

I built my current rig for about $600. It has 8 gigs of ram, an hd7850 2gig gpu, an i3 3225, b75 mobo, 500gig sshd, a 600watt psu, and a pretty good looking cm storm enforcer case w/ 12 usb ports (6 of which are usb 3.0), and a card reader for every type of card. It has 2 200mm fans (one intake, one exhaust) as well as a 140mm exhaust. And, while it may not actually do anything, it has red LEDs and 2 red cold cathodes. just because they look cool. And I have one of the best antivirus softwares available, and windows 7 ultimate, both of which I got for free. (I know a guy. even if not for that though, it would only have added ~$100-150 total for the build) Not to mention I could overclock it if I wanted to. Not even gonna go into peripherals.
What does your macbook have, and how much was it?

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So go ahead and pay a premium price for the same components as are in the cheap, crappy computer. :wink:


But with a completely different OS. Seriously, Macs may not be better than PCs, but I like Macs for the aesthetics and ease of use.

Wrong. There aren’t as many, but believe me, there are still quite a few.

Also, my friend ran Windows 8 for a month without antivirus or virus protection of any sort. He didn’t get one virus.

Malware bites anti-malware is free (trial) and it works every time. Anyone thought that he wants a laptop so he can move with it/ carry it around?

Get something with a lot of ram and hard drive.

And you only get viruses if you go in suspicious websites.

Just go to Norton safe it will check site for you.

I’m sorry, this just isn’t true. My antivirus has blocked attacks from legit websites.


I bet you also love Beats headphones… Back on topic, try an Asus.

I would buy a used netbook if u dont mind a small screen or wanna break the piggy bank

Something like the Asus EeePC 1000he
$100 used on ebay

Yes, that works if all you want to do is read email and surf websites.

This is what I’m rocking and it seems to be working for me.

Asus laptops are fantastic. I’m using mine right now. (btw, pronounced ay-sues, like dr suess)
They’re usually cheaper than most other companies but with equal or better hardware.

ok and as far as having the laptop, what kind of maintenance would you have to put into it? or do you just get one and your good to go?

just to add to this, you dont find yourselves picking up viruses on macs because macs don’t run anything important lol. pc’s do.

You pretty much just get it and go. Not much maintenance on any desktop or laptop computer. The main thing is to keep the battery charged.

also make sure it reaches the system qualifications for the “digital painting” programs you were talking about.