Which Laptop to get?

I’m looking to get a laptop that plays League of Legends and Diablo III well. The games says that the recommended processor speed 3.0 with at least 4 ram.

Is there anything around the $500 price range that fits those specs? I’m cool with refurbished.

If you cant find anything with those specs that satisfies, go ahead and ignore the ram… you can easily buy a 4gb chip and replace it as if you were exchanging lego parts… I dont do too much gaming, but I think most of gaming laptops, and a lot of standard notebooks have a two chip configuration

A chromebook will definitely not play either of those games. Fast? yes, but that’s just because of the operating system, not the hardware. They couldn’t run natively on one anyways. (Also, that was last June 15…)

Also, I just wanted to point out that most laptops won’t go above 3GHz. This was the best I could find within a few minutes:

Just find something with a good enough gpu and processor. Don’t buy into most “gaming” laptops that are gimmicky and dumb, do your research and don’t waste money.

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Yeah the chrome book I heard all it does is Internet or something like that. Get either a pc or Mac, both great. The Mac is a little bit more spendy, they’re really nice.

If you can get a computer close to that or with intel power boost or whatever its called it be pretty much good.

Just go for a used Mac. If you can find one in that price range…maybe save up a bit more for it. I have a Macbook Pro (2010) 13". It plays Diablo 3 fine stock.

Remember that macs are horrible for big industry gaming, for small indie games a Mac is perfect, but it won’t be good for games such as diablo 3 and such get a PC I have an alienware it is pretty good, and I like it.

Oh for a 500 dollar get a cyber something gaming computer

Thanks for all the answers!

I ended up getting a Lenovo Y570 off of their outlet for $653 shipped (had to up my budget for a better graphics card)

Processor: Intel Core i7-2670QM
Dedicated GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 555M

Plays League of Legends on highest settings at 60 fps
Handles D3 on high setting great (already beat the lord of darkness on normal mode, Monk FTW!)

Screen Shot from systemrequirementslab.com

I guess D3 isn’t a big industry game then…I have no issues whatsoever (as stated above) and neither do my coworkers who play.

I also run Ableton Live, Sketchbook Pro Studio, and various other DAWs…everything runs fine. No updated graphics cards or upgrades otherwise.

Have you played any “big industry games” on a mac? If you don’t know from experience, don’t give “advice”.