Radiohead's Ninth Album!

I’m loving it a lot so far.

Glass Eyes particularly.

Any fans out there?

Nobody? :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked it after the first listen, very complex. Need a couple more listens.

I do like it SO much more than King of Limbs.

Yeah seriously.

I actually didn’t think it was a “difficult” album, like Kid A or Amnesiac. I really liked Moon Shaped Pool after the first listen.

Decks Dark is awesome too.

…But it is not out on CD yet.

I will not buy MP3 music. The sound quality is just atrocious.
Psyched to get it when available in 44.4hz/24bit though.

When is someone going to make a good CD-quality music service? We stream video, but not CD-Quality music? Sheesh.

Haven’t gotten to hear this new one. Definitely a fan though.
Gagging Order and National Anthem (and Paranoid Android, duh) are probably my favorites.

Wasn’t too hyped up for the album at first. Once Burn the Witch came out that changed, love that track. Generally it takes me a couple listens to get really into an album, I listened through this twice on a recent flight and I have to say I really enjoy it. I prefer Ok Computer but this is definitely good and has some great highlights and no glaring flaws.

My favorites are Scatterbrain and No Surprises.

Climbing up the Walls followed by No Surprises is seriously the best.

I wish they’d do a proper recording of Wake Me Before They Come.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Tidal, but they’re a streaming company that claims to offer CD quality streaming.

I haven’t checked out the new album; however, I’m a fan of all Radiohead music. Another good take on Radiohead is the Vitamin Four String Quartet playing OK Computer.

There are lots of cd-quality streaming services. None have any music that you actually want to buy. That is the problem. The combination of Hip-hop and the compressed, sound-effects that are starting to count as music, and we have an entire generation that cares little for the quality of music. Without demand, we are stuck with Amazon, apple and google.

Add in the inexplicable excitement over this album and I must call myself mildly amused. Seriously, is this music? Shouldn’t they get someone who can sing a bit better?

Normally, I would say that there is no accounting for taste, but the reaction in Pakistan suggests otherwise.

I think Thom’s somewhat lost his voice over his 25+ years of relentless and passionate singing.  His early vocals were crazy good, all growly and powerful.  Also his falsetto was equally incredible (still is), especially in the acoustic recordings of Street Spirit:

These days I think he realizes that he’s physically lost some of that, so the new album is special to me because it’s more intimate.  Seriously, Glass Eyes… I can’t get over that track.  The diminished 5th he sings near the end is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

There aren’t many, in my opinion, that will ever be as genuine as Thom is in his music and singing, no matter how old he gets.

I mainly bought this due to a co-worker raving about it. So, do not count me as a big Radiohead fan to begin with.

Not my cup of tea.

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