Clockwork Angels


I think this is my favorite Rush album now.
excellent musicianship and powerful lyrics of course.
But it’s also mixed very evenly and has a dirty sound without being over-saturated, and without the instruments getting lost in the even mix.

Plus after seeing the accompanying stage show and video on the Time Machine DVD the whole package is pretty incredible.
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“All I know is that sometimes you have to be weary, of a miracle to good to be true.”

I didn’t think anyone else hear had heard it. Definitely on of my favorites.


For around a month it’s almost all I’m listening to. That and snakes and arrows which I think is the opposite in terms of production being so bright and with very clean instrument separation.
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Have you seen the live time machine caravan live vid?
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No, is it good?

What’s your favorite on the album? Mine’s the wreckers.


It’s pretty great:

I like the whole album as a whole all the same.
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Coming out in hardcover and audiobook in September.
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Nice.  I want to read it.


I read an article confirming Neil Peart did the reading for the audiobook.
I think on rushisaband - the producer was discussing it.
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I thought that the album was a bit of a disappointment. the song’s lyrics were extremely preachy, and there were so many of them, that geddy and alex, in order to write a complex song and still include all those lyrics, had to make each song like seven minutes long. there were spoke good songs, such as caravan, BU2B, and Clocwork angels. other than that, i really wasn’t a fan. i didn’t like any of the lyrics in the album, except for caravan.

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It’s a concept album. You have to listen to the songs as a whole.


i did. i know how rush does their thing. i wouldn’t say i hated it, it was just a bit of a let-down. at least it was better than roll the bones, right?


Well. I think with a band that’s been around so long there are going to be people who are into different periods of their development.
I can listen to all of their stuff and find something I like in the drumming at least, but I’m not a big fan of the stuff from their synth period.
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i went to the concert and it was AMAZING!!

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I’m probably going to the Oct 30 one. Hoping they play Witch Hunt cause its a good song and it’s right before Halloween.


I’ll bet it was.
Was the set different from the time machine tour?
Meaning visually
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I can’t stop thinking big.