where do i go to complain about my hitman!

i swear it has broken 1 bearing is in the process of messing another one up and has pressed the shields of my center tracked into the bearing pretty far!

Email yoyojam. They will help u out.


Is there anything in the bearing seat and how tight are you tightening the yoyo?

Nope and i have it loosened because it plays like a duncan butterfly otherwise

Are you making sure the bearing is in there all the way? It’s somewhat hard not to do this because it usually straightens itself out, but it is still possibly. It could be bending the bearing if it’s not put in straight. Just a thought.

How did it kill your other bearing? It just won’t spin?

The bearing spin time has decrease so bad it was like 1min now its like 10secs its horrible. I had a friend clean it and it still broken

Get some lube and lube that bearing. then play the crap out of it. There is absolutely nothing a hitman can do to break a bearing. The only thin that may have happened is you either got some bits of string in it or something else is in it. Clean it and lube it Then play. It will fix its self.

well i just cleaned everything! my bearing, not like cleaned in solution i toke a wet wipe and cleaning where it touchs the seat and the bearing seat and everywhere else and it seems better

What did you clean the bearing with? And how long?

i the last one i just toke a wet wipe to the inside of it, where it sits on the bearing seat

But i just recently cleaned it with nail polish remover without removing the shields for about 30 secs. It seems to work fine now. i havent lubed it i need to see my friend about that

When my werrd two fat ladies broke i went to werrd.com and they are gonna send me a new free bearing. So i would go to the site of the company or the site that you bought it from find the email and you can just ask them. It really isnt the fault of who you bought it from its probally the company so i wouldnt complain to YYE or YYN or any other store go right to the company