hitman bearing

(the_hitman) #1

ok…so i cleaned the bearing on my hitman and now it sounds weird and it has a vib most of the time i throw it.( vib not cause by my throw)

(LookAYoYo) #2

have u lubed it yet. i had the same problem with my DV888.


yea lube it and if you already lubed it break it in

(the_hitman) #4

oh and i forgot to mention that it became responsive.
and no i didnt lube it cuz i dont have any

(the_hitman) #5

nevermind i fixed it.
apperently i had the bearing sheilds on backwards :stuck_out_tongue:


Just use some YYJ thin lube and than break it in. Unless you some how broke your bearing while cleaning it, this should work just fine. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry for this post, I typed it up while your last post was being posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

(the_hitman) #7

haha its alright
thanks for the help though ;D


wow… a few seconds away…