Where did you learn?

I want to know where everyone learned or who taught you how to yoyo.

André lol

the site you’re on…

This. Im pretty sure that most people are just going to wuote this guy.

Andre YouTube and my motivation in myself.

Yomega Mania!

A friend back in high school peaked my interest and taught me a few tricks. But most of my learning has come from André. I’ve begun learning from the cabin tutorials and SLUSNY lately though.

The first site i found was YoTricks, but then located YYE. I was hooked from there.

Oh I’ve also learned a bunch of tricks from rethinkyoyo and miguel correa’s videos. (Hes the one who teaches 5a on here, right?)

Yotricks tutorials.
there better at tuts IMO. Plus they reply to comments,and hate that slo mo thing at the end. That helped a lot.

http://www.mastermagic.net !

That was before André started YYE :slight_smile:

Duncan tutorials, yoyo tricks.com, and right here.

Mastermagic and KWOS. With really crummy Internet access, everything else I know I pretty much figured out on my own.

My buddy named Corey and André’s videos along with some videos from Miguel Correa and YoTricks combined with practice.

A friend, YoTricks, YYE, and Rethinkyoyo.

Wait. Me?

No my local buddy named Corey. But you have taught me to laugh uncontrollably and often does that count?

Yoyoexpert, and the Yomega DVD. That DVD is legit xD

The Yonomicon and Sector Y , then youtube