where can i learn???


i have learned every single trick from andre boulay on yoyoexpert.I am bored of these tricks now because i do them over and over again.i wanna learn new tricks.If anybody knows where i can learn alot of advanced tricks,message me back or pm me on youtube to this account:

please help me out!!thank you.

-Jovan Jackson :slight_smile:


I think everyone will agree that Alexis JV makes great tutorials. Look in the tricks section of the forum. He has a thread with Alexis JV in it. He’s also on youtube.


Bro theres so much out there.
Start with these youtube channels-

AJVspyyTutorial (new tricks every friday)
YoyoSkills (theres also a yoyoskills website which has more tuts and stuff)

theres also a bunch of smaller tutorial channels such as GWizztutorials

highspeedyoyo isnt tutorials really but they have a lot of good stuff


rethinkyoyo.com is one of my personal favorites. I haven’t heard of many of these though; I’ll need to check them out too!