Where are the Mortal Kombat Players at?

Who’s a fan of the series? I’m not a big fighting game fan but I’ve always enjoyed the Mortal Kombat franchise. Yes even the bits of cheesiness in them. I remember playing MK Deadly Alliance and Deception as a 8 year old. I used to think they were the best, and now that I go on YouTube and watch some videos of those games I get a good laugh. Now that Mortal Kombat X is here my liking for MK has been revived. I stopped playing MK (2011) but the time I played it, it was good. Now in MKX I’m really getting into it. My mains are Kenshi Balanced, Scorpion Inferno, and Erron Black Gunslinger (sometimes alternate to Outlaw variant) still want to learn Ermac though. What are your thoughts of the new game? Who are your mains? What do you think of the new characters?

I’v tried mortal combat a few times. The gameplay is very fluid, although the fatalities are little too much for me. :smiley:

Love MKX, own for Xbox one.

Used to play Armageddon and Deception growing up on my PS2. I still have Armageddon for the PS2 since I don’t have any other consoles.

I LOVED DECEPTION!! That was my favorite game of all. The Konquest mode where you were allowed to run around an open world of mortal kombat. GENIUS!! I wish they brought it back. But lucky me I can still play it on my 360 with its backwards compatibility.

Deception was great but looking back at it, it was kind of goofy. I don’t understand why people complain so much about playing their old games on the new consoles. It’s better hardware with more features that support new and higher power demanding games. If they want to play old games then play them on the platform they were intended to be played on. That’s also why remakes exist.

I wasn’t complaining about it, I said I m glad I can play it on my 360. Although I hardly play my 360 anymore. And Remakes of games are pretty retarded. You pretty contradict what you said. If people want to play their old games then play it on the console its intended for. Yet they should remake a game so you can play it on the new console?? When the only thing that changes with a remake is graphics. And yes deception konquest mode was goofy. But I still enjoyed running around an open world filled with the MK universe.

Mortal Kombat…I remember playing MK3 on the SNES way back when and trying to learn how to pull off the ever-so-cheesy yet sometimes funny “Friendships” or “Babalities.” Eventually I came across a code for 1-button fatalities and ended up writing the code down (as we didn’t have the internet or Youtube at that time)…trying to even remember how we even found out about the code, may have even been word of mouth, old-school social networking :slight_smile:

I don’t have any of the new consoles so I have yet to play MKX. Last one I played was MK9 which was a nice title and throwback to the games I grew up with, keeping the 3d fighters on a 2d plane.

Remakes don’t have to be exact to their previous versions. Game mechanics of fundamentals could be changed to give a better game experience. It is a remake not a remastered version. I don’t think remakes are in the same boat as backward compatibility because a remake usually has enhanced graphics and major game changes to it’s previous version. Basically expanding the game giving more longevity and growth. I didn’t say you were complaining. It was me just ranting so sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

Oh… Well now I feel bad… RANT away my good man. Rant away.

I love MKX! Lou kang and Reptile recently I choose.

On xboxone. The krypt is so scary! Lol

I do best as Kung Lao for some reason.