Just wanted to start a thread To celebrate the new Mortal Kombat game that was just released. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I was a kid. I’ve owned almost every game since the first one and have been waiting for a reboot of the game. Also would like to know who your favorite, or least favorite characters are.

My favorite, as with every game is , Reptile. I also like using Kabal and Noob

It’s a pretty good game. I own it for 360. End boss is pretty stupidly hard since his existance is a parry, but whatever. I like practically everyone, because I find them all kind of a like. Sektor is my best character though. Teleport punch cheeze.

i dont have an xbox… i have a genesis

Same! Mine has MK2 in right now

Don’t have the system to play the game, but I have always been a big Sub Zero fan. Funny story actually I had a friend who was a Scorpion fan around the time the first movie came out, but once the second movie was out we were big time rivals. Kinda funny since in the first movie the two fought on the same side. Just a thought.

Well, they were actually under control by Shang Tsung

^ I remembered that, but I figured most who cared already knew the back story.