The Official "Mortal Kombat" Thread

This Is The Official Mortal Kombat Appreciation Thread.

Post Some Of Your Favorite Fatalities,Fighting Combos,Characters,Anything Mortal Kombat.

Also Vote For Your Favorite Character.


i love the sega genesis mortal kombats ::slight_smile:

My favorite is undeniably the one who sits in the backround and yells MORTAL KOMBAT! during the theme song, though his identity be unknown.

Shao Khan is the one who says “Round One…Fight!”

He Also Says “Scorpion Wins…Fatality.”

i like it when you do a certain move or combo a random guy shows up in
the corner and says “WOOPEE!!”

Man, I was like 11 when MK1 came out. I have no idea how much money I spent trying to figure out how Sub Zero pulled the guy’s head off. Good times!

Played MK2 a little bit when it came out, but kinda lost track after that.

Still, MK1 is a classic forever imprinted in my mind. Don’t think I ever finished it, but got to Goro many times.

John Tobias

ive been playing MK since the first game when i was a kid. the new one, MK9, is the best game since the Genesis and arcade days. i play online as much as possible.

almost always Tag teaming with Reptile and Cyber Sub-Zero

i think we should make mortal kombat threads as popular as ponies…


I just saw a mortal kombat movie… two words. Low budget.

Goros Xray move is so cool.

The first one is awesome. Second one not so much.

Kung lao is a state trooper. Gotta love it.

Milk the invisible cow