ready... FIGHT! (a mortal kombat yoyo video)

just some new tricks ive been working on…

Thats was great. Your vid was presented very well which I like 8)



nice video and great job at mwr

thank you :smiley:

lol I’m diggin’ the Atari wristband. Cool tricks too, though it would have been better with the original Mortal Kombat (scorpion ftw!!)

ultimate mortal kombat 3 has scorpion,and thanks for noticing my wrist band

I am absolutely amazed a kid your age knows what a Genesis is. Toobad you weren’t around when Mortal Kombat was in its heyday. I’m glad the new MK9 game is bringing in new fans for the MK series.

The tricks were good, I just wish you would’ve smoothed them out more.

VERY GOOD! :slight_smile:

I Just Knew Rain Was Going To Be In It!

i love,classic video games.i have a sega genisis and a super nintendo,but i might get an atari some day

yeagh,i was in a hurry so i had no time to perfect my tricks.

i just knew you would post here ;D