Yoyofactory Genesis 1A video with Miggy and Tyler

Oh yeah, language warning.

All I can say… EPIC!!!

Cool video!

To be honest, I was not really a fan of this video.
Sure the tricks were great, and so was the backdrop, but little things like the purple yo’s blending with the shirt, and also, my personal opinion is i do not like play that fast, where I at least can barely even see whats going on, let alone understand it.


People not being able to see what’s going on does not make the video worse.

Epic video.

what yoyo did Tyler used at the first time??
The silver (maybe raw) one…

I didn’t have any problem with the yoyo blending with the shirts. The shirts were blue and the yoyos were purple. And yah they were going fast, but i wouldn’t call it too fast. I could more or less see what they were doing… not that i would be able to name any of the tricks, but thats beside the point. I think it was a pretty awsome vid.

Edit: btw language warning.

There’s no pleasing some people…

I’ve seen a LOT of people play a LOT faster than that, so if you refuse to watch or try to understand what is going on in them, you are missing out.

BTW, great video

“Use a genesis”

Great vid guys. I was right about to post this up.

If i commented I watched it didnt I?
Its all preference of play, Guy wright is more my style.

You guys are both right. Stephen_Cameron is 100% entitled to his opinion. But on the flip side if you dont like that style then you shouldnt make it ruin the whole vid for you. But I always laugh at these little forum fights. :stuck_out_tongue:

I LOVED this video! Great tricks and filming. Inspiration on both for sure.

This is some cool stuff

Miggy! Since when were so good at 1A?? And you claim your speciality is 5A. ha. Great Video. GReat. Absolutly fantasic, adn tthat was a great intro. lol!

Thats what makes this video so great… Two amazing 5A players playing 1A, and they are still as amazing as they normaly are

A super secret yoyo :wink:

2010 Severe??? I want!

Oh this is kinda off-topic, but I saw you at Halo last Saturday! Did you guys have any idea Julius was having class next door, lol.

best news.
genesis is my kind of yoyo. but I’ve tried RookieYo’s severe, and it really good.
i want.
2010 severe will be my pick.

great vids.

oh, miggy, if you don’t mind me asking, is it genesis V3?
tis maybe out topic, but is there something you and YYF doing with the genesis? because all the version feel difrent.
i have the V1 and the V2, and i have tried the V3.
the V2 feels heavier then the V1, and the V3 feel lighter and faster.