Throwing my Supernova and Genesis


Hey guys this is me throwing the Genesis and the Supernova…so let me know what you think. Thanks!!


Please comment!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I would like to know how im doing. :wink:


I love your slow, smooth play! Only thing I can suggest is to display your Green Triangles, instead of hopping out real fast. I like GTs because they have so many possibilities. :wink:

BTW, which yoyo do you prefer?


Not bad. :smiley: One piece of constructive criticism though; don’t be afraid to film a trick again if you mess up. Just looks a lot better in the end. Pretty nice job though. ;D

How long have you been throwing?


Very very nice indeed! The Genesis just spins forever doesn’t it…

I’m impressed mate, keep it up and you’ll be amazing. :smiley:


great job.


Yeah thanks I will try to do that in my next vid.

I prefer the Supernova. It just feels smoother and feels better in the hand. I LOVE the Genesis though.


I love your style of play, But try to kick it up a notch in speed. Also, have you tried other yoyos than yyf? There is a ton of great yoyos out there.


Thanks. I did film OVER and OVER and OVER but it was windy that day and it was about to rain, so I had to be quick. There just wasn’t much i could do, so I just put in the annotations saying it was cause of the wind.

I have been throwing for about 1 year and 3 months.


Yes gotta love how it never dies lol.


I really just don’t like to play fast.

#1 I’m not very good at fast play
#2 I’d rather play slower and smoother

I haven’t tried any YET I’m going to get a Summit soon and maybe a Burnside. I’ll also eventually get some CLYWs.


Trust me, you will LOVE the summit.


Yeah I hear its AMAZING. I’m thinking of getting a purple one.


High five for slow players!
reaches hand up



slaps hand


Any more opinions? :slight_smile:


I liked the Eli Hops into the pacman :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s pretty cool how that one works. :slight_smile: