New Yoyofactory Genesis Video

Hope you like watching me play 1a because no 5a was filmed…

Nice!!! Very inspiring, and I really like your 1A. Great video Miggy, I really enjoyed it! And I also can see you used the music from the 5A May videos I always watched. Whatever happened to the 5A May videos BTW, I miss them so much! :’(

you are better 5A, but you have some very interesting 1A concepts. good job.

WHAT WAS THAT AT 0:58 ! !! ! !! ! HOLY CRAP!!!

Man u got really good at 1a

ps what type of string do you use it’s really bright

If we dont get to see Miggy 5A again though Im going to kill a puppy.

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THATS SO EVIL, anyway, I really liked your 1a :smiley:

Man, I’m really diggin the 1A you’ve been doing recently, Miggy. Super sick. keep it up man. :slight_smile:

cool! i like it miggy!!

MAN!!.. Those tricks are hard and rare!

Did you invent it!?

Yes, he did. Almost all yoyoers do. Right?

You should make up your own too!

of course i make up my own tricks :slight_smile:

Am I late to the party or did you lose a lot of weight?

Awesome tricks by the way, I really like your 1a.

sick vid miguel! will you be at socal '11?