For some reason the word magical is stuck in my head.

Maybe because that describes Jayyo :smiley:

Nice video! :slight_smile: And digging the shirt and FHZ. :smiley:

great 5A vid!!!

haha, you made it the same day as the vlog. Rainbow Dash FHZ!!

darn you trace. always ninjaing me.

I’m just too fast…

probably because of all these PONIES!!!

anyway , great 5a vid

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Amazing video! I love your 5a style, and many of the tricks just made me go “lolwut?” because of how crazy they were.

WOW!!! another amazing video. :o So many yoyoers go to places with beautiful scenery to make their videos better, yet Josh throws up a bed sheet and somehow his “magical” (no comment :P) talent shows itself. ;D I know you already make lots of videos Josh but could you please make more? ???

czyoyo :wink:


Real 5A. Lovin’ the regen.

This makes me want to go and throw some 5A really bad. Too bad I’m horrible at it. :stuck_out_tongue: Truly amazing video. :slight_smile:

after watching this 5000 times :stuck_out_tongue: I realized something.