My nasty 5a trick.

Here it is.

I know i took the whole warning thing ay too far but hey safety first. :smiley:

BTW I don’t normaly wear beanies.

That was SWEEEET!

That was Dopalicious

Wow, that was sooo awesome.

Thanks guys!

Nice… Its like 5A legwrap trap…

And “Yes those are throw monkey caps”

lol… Great video

I think i saw Yoshi do some thing like that at DXL or BLC

Well I might not have been the first person to do this but I didn’t copy any body. I came up with it on my own.

Woah, woah woah.

Just, wow
THat was


i cant

oh my god


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It was really that good?

Eh… it was nice, but nothin’ I haven’t seen before. Sorry.

Thats the trick to do (I dont end it in a behind the back trapeze like you do) when people go, “Why do you have that dice on your yoyo?” Then you say, “This is why I have a DIE on my yoyo.” and do the trick… In other words, yeah, its awesome… And your pretty funny… With this and your collection video… You should start vlogging

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me too
I like the ear wrap trap

Wow… that was so sick. You should make tuts on 5A tricks. Very impressive trick.

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