new trick im working on on

hi guys, im just made up this trick, it needs to be smothed out but i deside to record it with my new ipod nano :slight_smile: here it is

o yeah and be ppreperd to see a super cool awsome video (i hope) that im going to film in florida!

Nice! Really smooth even though it’s a new trick to you. How’d you get that first part at 0:05? It’s Luo Yi Cheng’s way of getting into trapeze.

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basicly u trow a brakeaway wrap the stirn around ur thum and swing the yoyo up and land it between that gap between your thum ant pointer finger,its hard to explain i can make a video if u like?

Nice trick it would be better if it were faster though. It was still a sick trick. Great job! :wink:

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yeah i no i just made it up i got it down fast now ill put it in my new video in florida

Nice work!!

Sure, definitely!

Your pretty good try upgrading to a Metal

i have metals… i used them in my pa state free style and in my other videos

and here chris

I get it now! Thanks. Really good combo.

Super Wicked, Gnarly, Sick trick. By the way… Nice hat! ;D

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really nice hat!

I got. New one for Christmas it’s even cooler :stuck_out_tongue: