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Latest video. Enjoy!

Leave any suggestion or comment as I am always looking to improve my video making/ yoyoing.

These are by far the best tricks I have seen from you yet. That’s some really technical and fluid tricks, keep it up. :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I feel this is my best video yet too. I’m glad you liked it!

nice clip, first trick is your or you found tutorial somewhere? and i suggest you to work a bit at your breakaway or you will sooner or later kill some1 walking nearby :smiley:

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What is wrong with that title?

The first trick is mine. Its actually my first chopsticks trick. I could make a tutorial if people ask.

Yeah hit an elderly woman a couple months ago at a yoyo club. She survived. 8)

Nothing. Unless the word Fatal is more obscure in the English language than I thought. If your concern is the title of the thread and not the video, its just funky word art I found on an app.

Any thoughts regarding the tricks or the video?

Good tricks

Smooth, confident, creative. You are getting really good, really quickly. :smiley:

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What a great video :). I’m proud to say that you use crocostrings!

Yeah it’s the forum title. But you know how to make a video. That backgroung was perfect. Everything stood out for me and the video was really clean.

Sweet ambulance!

You’ve definately improved. Getting seriously smooth. :smiley:

That was my last Cat Tail. I enjoy them very much and your strings are great.

it would be nice if you could make a tut for it :slight_smile:

The ambulance crew even helped in the filming. It was pretty awesome.

And thanks!

I’ll make a tutorial if more people ask. :wink:

What yoyo did you use? Cool vid btw.

^ I used my 2012 YYF Supernova.

Thanks man. You’ve helped every step of the way!

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