Morning of practice

Just some random tricks I do.


me like

KOOK13z go RAWR- best name for a trick ever. :wink: Fantastic video Josh! ;D

what yoyo were u using u r fantastic

RecRev No.9.

Awesome tricks as always Josh, you rock!
BTW, will you be at Socal '11?


that is in a while jump… but dang. see, some videos have cool effects and awesome music, nice scenery. that was you, black wall, no effects… just good tricks and that may be one of my all time favorite videos. behind spyyguy

I second this. Give me a good yo-yoer and ill watch any video, wait…

All yo-yoers are good!

i guess i just like yoyos!


Josh, why must you be so good?

Just asking.

Nice video like always.


I really like your smooth flowing tricks and the cool formations you get, That was awesome!

Cool !! If I only could do those random tricks ;D

yaknow my word for that? next 1A champ.

please do a tut on that second trick!!!

Wow Josh…you style is much different than that of the last video I have seen of you. (Where have I been?!)

That was wonderful. :smiley:

P.S. I spy me some yyrec beastliness in thar! (Sarvanters and a some shared moves between you and Ryota Ogi) It’s awesome!! You put your own nice spin on it.

Dude, amazing.

I’ve been trying to figure out that first trick for so long and just can’t get it.

i hate you with a passion josh!

KOOK13z go RAWR the best trick eva
you are so awesome people are now thanking you for making videos

tutorial for trick 1;21 through 2:28, please.

could you post a tutorial for sushi sticks?

Man, I just realized how good that video is.