Purple cherry's

(202andrew) #1

Hi guys, this is my new video purple cherry’s. Hope you like it! Enjoy!
Tell me what you think?



you got skills kid

maybe one day ill be as good as you

really like the trick around one min it was tizziizle

(202andrew) #3



anyone got a tut for that trick around 3:16?? (the funny gt thingy)

(M²) #5

I wish i could keep my hatrick in that condition. I often ding it on the floor when my binds slip. As for the video you switched yoyo way too much. Other than that it was good.

(Thomas) #6

You got got some sweet skills kid. That’s all I’ve got to say.

(202andrew) #7

thanks guys.


nice vid!!!
was the purple yoyo a genesis
but over all nice vid!!!

(202andrew) #9

thanks. And yeah it was a genesis.

(jared) #10

dang andrew! your best video yet! soo good :slight_smile:





(202andrew) #13

thanks guys!

(M²) #14

theres thankyou buttons for this just so you know.

(JonasK) #15

You’ve gotten really good!

Still, people should mute that yoyo. Not only is the screeching of a yoyo annoying, but it’s off key too.

(Zach Smith) #16

I agree, always mute your video. Also, it ended really abruptly which was a little disappointing. But I really loved all the moves you did. You’ve gotten really good. I remember when you were kinda not good. You rule now! XD

Side note: pull the camera back a little. Some of the tricks were cut off, and they’re totally worth watching.

(202andrew) #17

okay thanks guys!