PACQUAIO , My yoyo vid

Hey i made an awesome yoyo video featuring the WERRD Pacquaio

here it is (External Embedding Disabled)

constructive criticism is highly appreciated


yah sooooo…

beggening was kinda strange… and it was some of the most annoying music i’ve heard… and you weren’t wearing you cap… but the yoyoing was very good.

haha yah i didnt have my beanie :’( ha o well mayby next time

Great video! :wink:

Loved it… and blogged it

thanks Kahli i feel like im getting closer and closer to the werrd alliance every day

I love it u lost the taboogan.

And is there a tut for 2:17.

i made the tricks up

i made the tricks up

The beginning was hilarious, I personally didnt like the music but I thought the tempo was perfect for your yoyoing, and yes, the trick from like 2:17-2:30, well, I want a tut for that. Could you make one?

wear a darker shirt, smooth up rancid milk, and MAKE A LOT MORE!!! ( with the beanie) GREAT job otherwise… the music was annoying… but great job on the whole… and, btw, if your were blonde you could be mistaken for me… i have teh SAMe flicky hair… is awesome, right?

OMG Justin Bieber yoyos!
haha jk nice vid

. Ha you got jokes , ok I got you , but if yal want a tut for that trick I’ll see off I hsve dome time to make one

totally agree… but other than that great video