WERRD Love , My new Vid :]


Hey just got done editing a new video . . . Werrd Love

Tell me what you think.


Constructive Criticism is Appreciated

(M²) #2

nice vid! but… i gptta say it


ha what do you mean brian im scared



Hope i’m as good as you in the future!!!

(M²) #5

a few parts here and there were… strange…


Ha explain these so called “strange” parts


I thought you did great job. Nice vid.


thanks , but i just realized how long my string was :l

(Thomas) #9

great vid but loose the taboogan

(Thomas) #10

i know i probaly speeled thta wrong but the thing on your head.


dont hate , apprecite , but seriously sorry if it displeases you but its just my style


Lol, When I wore a straight Flat Hat I was shot down with insults.
But yeah I liked your video. You executed all the tricks extremely clean, and you were using an awesome yoyo :smiley:


Cool video. Nice idea. :wink: I see you did the awesome Montgomery Twist toward the end. The trick is awesome. :slight_smile:

(M²) #14

Have you tried other caps? I think you’d look better in a darker blue, but just my opinion. Anyways great vid.


Thanks for all the great feedback , and i do have dif. colored beanies , its just that was the on i was wearing that day .


great vid. more, more, more. there fun to watch.


Thanks alot , ill try and make more in the future