CLYW X YOYORecreation

#1 this suppost to be a battle ,but… :slight_smile:


(202andrew) #2

Really good, I actually really enjoyed that!


Wicked flop at the end! Really good stuff


OMG! that flop at the end was AMAZING!!! WOW!! i need a tut for that

and at 1:30, your horz combo was inspirational

very, very good video… terrible, terrible music


i kinda enjoy the music.
and yeah, great video, very fun to watch.


Awesome video and style! And that flop thing at the end was really sick!

(Khent G) #7

For some reason, Bulgarians havent dissappointed me yet and it never will Keep it up!! ;D


yoyoing was epic music was uhhhhhhhhh eh :-[


not to start hate or get too off topic… but i am really dissapointed in the musical tastes of kids these days.



ok… so maybe my musical taste is horrible…

but i can yoyo :smiley:


yes you sure can! you can be confident in knowing that i am 23 years old and i will never in my life be as good as you at yoyoing