10 Months and Here I am....



Just 10 months? You’re crazy =D

I really liked it! You have a very original style with lots of smooth picture combos. The hat swichting thing was kinda stupid but other than that I thought it was a great video and your a great yoyoer.

Keep it up!


nice vid kid but that is one of the worst songs i have heard in my life hah

Can’t please everyone

what yoyo was that???

cool i’ve been yoyoin for 10 months to im about the same

great video
but it may need better lighting
and a better song
I can barely watch it, the song was giving me a headache
other then that hough it was a good video

Doesn’t mater about the song, it’s his video, and he can’t please everyone’s music type…

Anyways good job Gstellar…Very good for 10 months, i rember at 10 months i couldn’t do any complex tricks like that…LOL Big ups to you!!! ;D

thats such a sick video.
Were you filming in a bathroom???

Yessir :stuck_out_tongue: