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New video featuring my 1 of 2 General Yo Green, Light blue, and Purple fade splash KLR. Its suck a sick yoyo and looks so good in the sunlight. I hope you enjoy the video!

Awesome video.

Skill would be the right word for this video. :wink:

Zippy stuff.

If you were trying to make the ending look cool, than you did a bad job.
If you were trying to make it funny, than you did a good job.

Haha its was supposed to be funny. I always mess up catching the yoyo so I like to emphasize it :stuck_out_tongue:

But it could be taken as either funny or cool.

Thanks so much Matt!

Why thanks you Mr. Kulazndoode.

Zippy is a cool word. I like the word zippy. Thanks for the fantastic word.


Thanks man.

If you guys wanna help me out it would be awesome if you could share this video in any way possible, like on FaceBook or Google+ or even email. I could do a favor for you guys in return, like share your vids.

I really wanna break 500 views with this vid. And I kinda wanna try to get 20+ likes, but that’s a stretch.

So if you could at least just comment on the actual video on YouTube it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks to Shadowz and 2 others for commenting on the real video on youtube.


I thought it was cool.

I noticed it when I watched, but only on the slowed down part. Then I went back and watched it full speed and it happens so quick you wouldn’t notice unless it was slowed down.

I shared it on Google +!!

I did your concepts! Keep it up!

Nice concepts! Always love watching you throw!

Thanks Khent I will!

Im kinda following in the footsteps of people like Adam Brewster and other concept-makers if you will. I wanna revamp my whole style by the end of this year.

Wow thanks! Means alot!

You should post a video of your throwing skills soon :slight_smile:

Excellent video man. Everything looked astoundingly good, especially that slack that you caught!

I pm’d you about this…

I got the PM. I’ll reply soooon.

Why thank you! Did you like the music?

(I thought you might notice it is by Imagine Dragons, like the music you used for your video)