Yeah, we’re cool like dat.

Thanks to Owen for the editing, make sure you subscribe to both of our channels!  ;D ;D ;D

ew the guy besides you is like so bad at yoyoing

Dude, you see that guy who’s yoyoing with the like, HAIR?

He’s sooo ugly.

yeah ikr?


i have no friends…

Real nice. Both of you. ;D

No I’m the one with the hair… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks StrippedAxle!!

So good! I can only hope to acquire skills like that one day.

Dat glasses suicide

Nice stuff, gents. Very well edited too =)


ahh thanks man, I worked sorta hard on it but I coulda done better, I just was all lazy and stuff haha

heck yeah Matt and Owen! yall post ne tricks up weekly! ahhh! and im over here struggling to put new stuff together! hahaha loved it! made me giggle when Matt made that noise after the glasses thing hahahaa.

K.J. and i are making a collab, should be up on Monday make sure you check it out hahaha itll be funny hopefullyyy!

good stuff again foolies!

  • Peace and love
    p.s Matt i learned that junk you made a tut for me :slight_smile:

Entertainin’ and stuff!

You guys are like, Follow and follow-ish trick geniuses. And man… Owen’s regens… actually, all of it from both of all y’all… YOU MAKE ME WANT TO QUIT YOYO!

OK, I don’t. But that’s some impressive yoyo.

Don’t quit yoyo! This was really fun to do with Owen! He’s a genius! I didn’t send him my best stuff, but I hopefully will have that in my next video… ;D

sick bros. Love the coolab. I hope you guys keep up the good work.

Very nice tricks as always Owen! Same with you Matthew!

These positive comments are making me really happy! ;D

Was that a PINK TRIGGER???

edit: I just looked, I had no idea they made pink triggers now, I need to have one

you suck…
Heheeeee :wink:

It is, but it just broke. :frowning: Man, I really liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re awesome!

Thanks bro. :wink:

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