Mortal Kombat!

Anyone else play it? Who is your favorite character?

I do! Favorite character is probably Baraka or Ermac. In his alternate of course. :slight_smile:


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Scorpion is overrated.

he has the coolest fatality!

I disagree. Baraka’s second fatality in MK9 is far better. :slight_smile:

i agree its really cool! my 3rd fav fatality.

Ermac’s in MK9 could’ve been better, seemed lazy. Kenshi’s in MK9 is awesome.

Scorpion isn’t over-rated, he is just the most famous.

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Kenshi has the coolest fatality.

That being said, the only characters I use are Kenshi and Smoke. I destroy with either of them. :wink:

Scorpion and perhaps Johnny Cage match my play style (even though Johnny’s ego is massive :P). I really like to play aggressively, and perform long juggling combos, but I need to learn to play defensively.

I dominate with Baraka, mainly. And Ermac, but who doesn’t?

I don’t. They play too slow for me.

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I use to be extremely good with Sub-Zero. But he kind of fell into an Over-Used category for me, so I try not to use him too much anymore.

I meant because noobs always play Ermac and spam his special moves.

Oh :stuck_out_tongue:
I try to learn advanced combos with characters.

Me too. I’ve got a few with Baraka, Ermac, and Sub Zero.

What did you guys think about Konquest? And Motor Kombat?

The fighters I play are Street Fighter and Smash Bros. I might consider starting Guilty Gear or King of Fighters if they get it to the PC.

subzero raiden and lui kang is pretty kool