When was the last time you played a video game?

I started playing with skill toys a couple weeks after black ops 2 came out. Haven’t picked it up once since! So its been a few months. At least I prestiged once hah

10 ish minutes ago.

yesterday. well technically this morning. I reset my stats on blops 2.

Anyone play mw2 on xbox?

Ps3 or Xbox??? I’m on Ps3

Nah dawg, Xbox is nothin compared to Ps3!!

I have both, i prefer xbox. More people, better people(Usually), and better connnection. My ps3 is at my dads(Im there now) but i only have a headset on xbox.
last night, all I wanted to do was play search. But every game was hacked with aimbot, so i just went to sleep, that is my biggest complaint about ps3

I only use my 3DS to tune my instruments. I have not touched any of my beloved Zelda games for months.

Playin’ some Pokemon Crystal on my GBC at the moment.

Kids play COD on Xbox.

Adults play BF3 on PS3.

MW reflex Wii! Just reached 10th prestige level 55. (highest do this game)

Shadowz, I play Mario Cart Wii. How do you play friends?

Playing TF2 right now. Will probably switch over to The Showdown Effect in an hour or so.

A few weeks ago



So true.

The Brony actual audience thing is a vicious stereotype.

I played Halo 4 Thursday night, and it was a bad day. I got sloppy so my career K/D dropped to 3.15, yet I still carried my teams. Despite that, every game I got into, I lost.
I’m somewhat certain my teams were composed of people like this:

I played some indie games on my PC. That count?

I haven’t touched my Xbox controller in months. I don’t need to stress myself out over call of duty when I have enough on my plate already.

So I just Yoyo instead.