What's the weirdest thing to....


Happen to you while playing outside. Maybe even just the coolest, or nicest.

Once I was playing in Downtown. (Many people moving around working, and shopping) I’m doing combos in from of a toy store feeling cool. When this man from across the street starts waving. Me being awkward I just look down and keep on playing.

He later comes up to me and says “Can you play with this?” And hands me a little plastic Chinese Yoyo. Honestly wasn’t the worst Yoyo I’ve played with. I take a look inside and see there’s a little ball bearing with a starburst response.

I explain to him mine doesn’t come back up, and showed him my large gap vs his tiny one. He seemed like a pretty interested dude then he says keep it as he’s going back to his car. Me being… me I stay there and think Na he didn’t say that he’ll surely take it back. But nonetheless he gets back in his car and drives off.

It was just a very weird experience. Share yours please!


+1 to the recent influx of vague titles to hook us in :smiley:

But seriously, that was a cool experience you had there, that guy was really nice to let you keep the yoyo! I’ve never really had anything cool like that happen to me, mainly just people watching me while I throw.


This happened last week:

I was playing with a yoyo while my kids had their swim lesson.

This parent asked if that was a yoyo. I said it was. They said it was stupid.

“OK,” I thought to myself. I find people like that aren’t worth talking to.

I went back to playing, minding my own business, same as I was before someone decided it was worth insulting me over.

A few minutes later, their kid who wasn’t taking a swim lesson dropped their Nintendo 3DSXL and it broke. The drop onto the concrete and then the bounces down the stairs kinda sealed the deal.

Yup, sure is stupid.

I didn’t check to see if they were smokers or had a cracked cell phone screen.


These vague titles…


Wow talk about Karma. It would’ve been funny if you asked that if the 3DSXL came back up too if you threw it.


Naw. I find when people act like that, they aren’t worth interacting with any further.


Off topic, but the new consoles are really fragile…I’ve dropped my old Gameboy SP hundreds of times and it still works fine.


Yes, but the point is I was or the yoyo was, or both were called stupid, and then their kid dropped and destroyed a 3DSXL and broke it.

I still play my GameBoy Color. Tetris DX!! However, these days I’m playing my DS a bit more. My kids deleted my town in Animal Crossing(a deliberate effort the game tries very hard to get you to NOT do) and so I had to start over after working on the town for 7 years. I recently showed my my kids “back in the day, Game Boy was B&W and took 4 batteries and no way this sucker was fitting in your pocket” and took them through the history of the GameBoy.

Hmm, I may pick up a 3DSXL for myself tonight. I sure ain’t gonna drop it!!

Maybe not. I could buy some decent yoyos for that kind of cash.


I play Game Boy Advanced games on my phone. I kinda wish I had the real thing, although the phone keeps it right where I want it. I love Nintendo’a simple layouts, although the new stuff is super cool. I got a Wii U the other day, and I only have the one game it came with (Nintendo Land). The game is basically 12 different little games, all Nintendo themed (love it!) and while my two cousins are over we all play this one hide-and-seek-tag Mario game called Mario Chase. We play constantly. It is the most fun I have had on a video game since MarioKart at my friends house in fifth grade.


mario chase is my favorite on the game.


The kid certainly deserved it though. I wish I could have seen the parents reaction…


Ahhh, sweet karma. Sweet, sweet karma.


No, the kid did NOT deserve it. The parent was angry. I think they were angrier than they were willing to express in public.


Oh, it turned a bit ugly…also, I misread your post. For some reason I thought the kid said yoyos were stupid. Oh well, I guess I couldn’t really believe adults would say that.


don’t buy it I tried one at my friends house and I get head aches from it especially if you wear glasses. (as in prescription glasses/ contacts)

Also this is a quote that I think the might help you when someone is being rude or immature.

“The people that matter don’t care and the people that care don’t matter.”

I think it was from dr. Seuss but I can’t remember.
I think if you remember it I think it might help you at times like this. When other parents are being rude and obnoxious.


Aye Studio, Yo-yo’s may be nice, but a 3DS is totally worth buying right now in its prime time.

Also, I can’t believe you guys encounter so many rude people. I have NEVER been told anything rude while I yoyo in public. I only get praise. :smiley:


There’s a lot of rude people out there.

Actually, I’m not gonna get a 3DS. I need to raise $5K fast, and I’ll have it by the middle of September. Gotta get a new digital console, remote stage boxes, 2 EtherCon Cat5E cables and a road case for the desk. Should hit just over $5K shipped to my door.

I can get a 3DSXL anytime. I got into yoyo to get away from video games and other battery-based entertainment.

I spend more on mics anyways.

It was the parent.

At my kid’s school, I yoyo all the time while I wait for the teachers to bring them in. I get mixed results from parents and kids. Right now, there’s a lot of “kendama snobbery” going on with the kids. Of course, when the kendama gets hard, they quit. It’s a lot like yoyo in those regards.

Parents are mixed. Some think it’s cool. Some thing I’m an idiot. I’ve had a few tell me I’m a liar when I tell them how much a yoyo costs, so I tend to have the YYE web site dialed up on the iPhone before I head out on the yoyo I’m bringing that day. That also has mixed results. Some are “wow, I didn’t know they cost so much” to “You’re stupid for paying that much for a yoyo”.

Today, after my kid’s swim class, I had to hang around because my boy(the one who yoyos) just isn’t ready for the class he was in. While we waited, we were both throwing and entertaining the staffers at the pool. At least some people appreciate things and/or at least have decent manners. Better than the parents in the stands last week.

I’ll know on the Monday after Worlds if while throwing at my new location(my kid’s line moved since he’s moved up to 2nd grade) has new attitude-riddled kids and/or parents. Either way, I ain’t gonna stop throwing and enjoying.


I dont know of this goes here, but ill post it anyway.

I found this hilarious!
I was at my grandpas house the other day, and I brought my supernova along. I was playing with it, hes not very impressed with the tricks (I dont know why, hes seen no yoyoing ever…) and I sit down, throw a hard sleeper, and tell him “hey, this thing will spin for over a minute!” and he was like “oh my! Thats spinning!.. Wait, no its not!” and I proved it, and he was like “wow, its a beautiful beautiful thing :)” it was funny :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I get the whole “you’re dumb for paying that much for yoyos” from my friends.