When was the last time you broke your arm?

I’m writing this because yesterday I sprained my ankle really bad.
It doesn’t have to be just the bone; it’s whatever landed your arm in a cast.

Personally, the only time I was in a cast was in the fifth grade. Luckily it was long before I began yo-yoing. If you broke your arm, or wrist, or hand, or anything attached to your shoulder, describe how you were limited.

I never broke none bone in my life. I cut my lip clean open when I was 5 but never a bond or anything cast related.

Same fifth grade was when I broke my arm. It was really weird at first but then I got used to it. It also was way before I started playing with yoyos a lot.

Never broke my arm, but I broke my clavicle once. I think it’s worse.
Broke my nose too. :wink:

I got a green stick fracture on my left wrist when skateboarding… (Don’t try putting Rollerblade wheels on a modded skate board.)

It was like a year ago.

It sucked I had to walk home after the crash too, although I was only a few blocks away.

Hope you heal up soon Koe.

I broke my wrist when I was a baby. :stuck_out_tongue:

And I cut my tongue in half (Well almost, it was hanging on by like on strand of flesh.) I don’t know exact time.


Dang, do I even want to know how that happend… Owwww…

Half past never.

Yeah, I was a little kid. Slipped on some stairs. My tongue was out of my mouth. You know the rest of the story.


Never…but I did sprain my foot once.

Never broken any of my bones. But I have had to take an injection that touched my spine. It felt horrible.

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I was quite an active kid. I’ve broken both my arms (not at the same time though, lol), cracked my ankle, taken a chunk of flesh out my leg just below the knee and had severe bruising and blood clots on my heel bone (worst pain ever!). I’m probably forgetting some.

Worst by far are the leg and ankle injuries. It is so limiting when you can’t walk. Even if you’re not in a rush and just chilling at home, such a mission to move around.