When posting or creating threads:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #1

When posting or creating threads, please consider the appropriateness of the content.

I’ve cleaned up many posts lately, things that are just unquestionably inappropriate for a yoyo forum and obviously inappropriate for an all age forum. I am usually ninja’ed by the other mods (they’re so fast) so I’m assuming that they are cleaning up more than I am.

I’d rather not censor your posts. I’d appreciate your efforts in using some restraint when posting obviously inappropriate and questionable content.


Oh by the way, a big thanks to all of you that are so good at following the rules. There really are a lot of you.



What would we do without you?

You are the best! Thanks a lot for your effort.



Likewise, watch your computer when you’re logged in here or anywhere else. Lately we’ve had a couple of totally inappropriate postings and PMs sent. When we’ve tracked them down the excuse is usually that someone else used the account for some odd reason, like the owner left to go to the restroom or whatever. That’s equivalent to “MY dog ate my homework.”

Trust me - that excuse will only work once.


I wish I could get to know Skirtz more. I have met all of the other admins and talked to them for atleast a brief moment, all except for Skirtz.
He seems legit :confused:


Sorry if I caused any trouble and I try to follow rules beat I can

(Owen) #7

Well you’re very welcome :wink:


Kiss butt

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #9

Swear, post inappropriate threads, flame, discuss yoyos, laugh, pretty much what you all currently do. Of course the other mods would continue what they have always done, censor the swearing, inappropriate threads, lock/delete the flaming threads, discuss yoyos, laugh. :slight_smile:

Skirtz? Who’s that? ;D


That was lexos who said that


I swear I have spelled your username wrong at least a thousand times. Thanks for doing what you do, even if I still don’t know how to spell your username on the fly :smiley:




Who’s username!..
This thread should be stickied


See I barley even know your name!


Which persons name?


Skitrz ://


skitrz and jhb8426 are both awesome mods/admins…Love 'em.


I wouldn’t know about Skitrz…