Ohhh, BTW - New Moderator

Let’s all welcome skitrz. Give him a hand, folks. 8)

I noticed just a few days ago lol, congrats skitrz! Can’t believe it took this long!

Congrats skitrz!!! Should we all keep pretending you’re a lurker?

Excellent choice!


I like this picture… :slight_smile:

But we aren’t the ones pretending…

Congrats skitrz!

Congrats! ;D


Welcome to the clan.

This is soo cool!

YAY! More people moving and closing threads :]
No sarcasm, really. Congrats!

holy crap skitrz is a moderator?


Congratulations on your moderator status!
I’m on my way in that direction as well and its great to see new people keeping the forums clean.

Way to go!


I know! It’s so scary :o !

I know I’m late to respond, but I’ve been playing in the mountains for the last few days. Thanks for all the kind words.


Yeah, he’s a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

Careful there jhb. He’s got the ability to change your username to something funny when you aren’t paying attention.

So are you sometimes :wink:

The new kid can take a little hazing as he know’s he has the power now to cause serious mishchief ;D .