Congrats and Thanks to mrcnja - New Mod!

Congrats and Thanks to mrcnja - New YoYoExpert Forums Moderator!

He has some of the most lightning fast skills when it comes to reporting posts. Odds are when posts get moved by a mod he is the one who reported it! So let’s all thank him for his hard work in keeping our forums professional, safe, and enjoyable!

New expert coming soon too! :slight_smile:


congrats mrcnja, i had a feeling it was gonna happen soon

Welcome to the club Hot Rod!



I can now say that the reported thread ratio will go way down. lol

I second that.

Congrats@!!! You deserve it. :smiley:

congrats amigo!

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Gratz man

That is awesome! Thx for keeping our forums safe mrcnja!

Thanks for taking on the new responsibility!

Grats :smiley:

Yea mrcnja got promoted

deserved ;D

Congrats, mrcnja.
Good choice.