When making string does it go clockwise fold then counter clockwise or counter clockwise fold clockw

How do I fix this? Because every time I make left handed string Instead of right handed string,

How you fold the string doesn’t matter. Just twist the string the opposite way, fold, and let the two strands twist together.

If you are looking down the length of the string with your spinning device at the point closest to you, it should spin clockwise first. Then fold and spin counter clockwise.

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I did that but I end up with left handed string.

String can go on either hand.

There is not left hand or right hand string.

Yes there is. “left handed string” is twisted opposite to right handed string, meaning that the string will get tighter when thrown, rather than looser.

And augmented, just twist the string the opposite way you are right now.

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Really? Huh. Why don’t they say when they sell “lefty string” or “righty string?”

99% of all string is right handed, as most people are right handed. Left handed players have learned to deal with loose strings, rather than tight strings just because right handed string is so much more common.

Got it ;).