Left handed string.


Hi everybody. So I’ve been using String Labs inverse type X string and I’m wondering if there are any better options for us south paws?


my son is a lefty, he tried the inverse type X but has moved from left handed string to standard string. He felt it wasn’t worth his mental energy to remember which throws had which string (and, he had one too many instances of turning a 1A yoyo into a 4A by loosening tension when he thought he was tightening).

that said, if you are digging the inverse string and want more variety, I’m guessing some of the custom makers would be able to make you LH string…or, you could watch a few youtube videos and start to make your own string. It isn’t hard, and, in a strange sort of way, it is fun.


I’m pretty diy inclined so the thought of making my own has crossed my mind on several occasions. I guess the root of my question is, is it worth the trouble to get/ make specific left hand string, or do most lefties find that standard string work fine for them?


Yes… I have a better suggestion(purely my opinion).

Use right handed string.

I’ve been a Lefty for a long long time😳

And just like you, I have grown up in a right handed World.

Left handed string is ok but not really necessary.

If you mentally lock yourself into the idea that you have to use left handed string; you also lock yourself out of using right handed string. Which is 99 percent off all string choices.

When I need a new string; I don’t want to limit my options. I just want to reach for a string and focus more on throwing than having a string that is twisted the other way🤓

Not many sources for lefty string. Just not worth the bother.(in my opinion). There are just too many good strings to try in the right handed mode.

… Now on another note; I make my own left handed Top string.

I find that the left handed string winds tighter because the twist is going the proper way to tighten as I wind.:scream_cat:


Yep im lefty too but since theres such a limit on south paw string i just settle for righty string. Sadly theres no left handed kitty string, if there was id be ecstatic though. Theres just such a low demand since the overwhelming majority is righty. :slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #6

Does it really matter what way it’s wound as long as you’re used to it?


Really only when fixing tension. Ufos are weird to pull off for a lefty using right handed string and other tension fixing tricks are awkward too. Those are just minor petpeves though. Theres really no need other wise.

(major_seventh) #8

I was thinking you could just get used to doing the reverse to fix tension, but UFO causing a problem makes sense.


Yep. I would use lefty string but its not really worth adjusting to the difference in string just for being able to do sidewinder and UFO. Its still neat that they have it though :slight_smile:


I as a lefty have never bothered with left handed string. It always seemed too complex and confusing switching from left to right. After throwing for years with righty string (or any type of string for that mattter) I feel like a thrower gets to know the string, almost bonds with it, and figures out what moves fix what tension and what kind of tricks loosen the string, tighten it, wear it, etc.