Left handed throwers please read.

Ok, so I am not trying to be some “expert” in this as I am still relatively new to throwing in general, but if you are a lefty thrower and have never tried left-handed string; I beg you to atleast try.

I have seen many threads saying that lefty’s should just get regular string as left-handed string doesn’t do anything for you. So I started out buying regular kitty, Fat Kitty, Ammo, etc. While they all felt different, they all played very similarly on the yoyo.

So out of curiosity I bought a 10-pack of YYSL Inverse here on YYE and I was floored. While the string had the same feel and play that the regular YYSL Type X does, I noticed that my throws improved drasticly while using it. When using right-handed string, every other throw would tilt off-axis easily. With the Inverse Type X it is straight/straighter 90% of the time.

At first I thought this was a fluke, so after my first Inverse String wore out I went back to my righty strings (Ammo, Venom, regular Inverse, and my Kittys) and the tilt came back. Mind you, I was throwing as consistently as I could and paying very close attention to my basic throws to get good sleepers/breakaways. Then I went back to the Inverse after a week or so of the righty strings and Now its back to mostly straight throws.

So I implore any lefty throwers who have never tried lefty string, please try it at least once and see if you get as drastic of an improvement as I have. I for one have found my perfect string!

On a side-experiment, If there are any right-handed throwers who can try out a lefty string, I would love to know if it has any affect on your play/throws.

I am a lefty, and I have used the type x inverse, but I can’t say I remember the same difference you experienced. I like it, but I much prefer other strings to it. I’ll have to dig some out and give it another go.

And I am sure not every lefty will get the same experience I have had with it, but its worth a try to see if it does.

Already have I like regular string better still cause there’s more variety.

I would also like to say, as a right and left, that when i use left on my right hand looper, loops get better and better as the string gets tighter and not looser.

It doesn’t make a difference… your strings tension still naturally edges away from neutral each time you throw. With left twist string you just adjust the same way a righty does, to loosen it, as your throw will tighten it. A lefty using right twist string will have to tighten the string, because the throw will loosen the tension.
Otherwise there is zero difference, your yoyos don’t play better because of it. Maybe its easier for you to retain a neutral string tension because that’s the way your brain is wired, but other than that its a placebo

might as well ask a 3a player

so why does the yye string i have tighten with my left loop hand but loosen with my right?

i’m a lefty…i use regular string. the tiltin’ thing may be a legit issue, but i guess i’ve just compensated. after throwin’ the yo yo for 10+ years - doesn’t really matter, for me.

however, i’m glad you have found left handed string more accomodatin’ for you. if it keeps yo yoin’ fun - then it can only be a good thing :slight_smile:



what if yoyo strings werent twisted at all? Do you still adjust tension if it were symmetrically knitted?

You might be right, it could very well be easier for me to keep neutral string tension, either way I plan to stick with this string as it has improved my learning speed drasticly

If it’s right handed string that is the way it works. Looping on the RHS causes it to loosen and looping on the LHS causes it to tighten. If it was left handed string ity would go the other way.

That is the natural way for left handed string to work. If it gets too tight it will start to kink as the yoyo starts coming back.

that’s what I thought. So if I get left twisted string for leftis my right looping string would get tighter right?

String twisting direction won’t affect tilt, it just doesn’t make sense if it is.
They will play somewhat differently since different tricks tighten/loosen the string in different ways, but certainly not how it tilts.
Adjusting tilt is like, a completely different matter, it’s about how you align the string with the yoyo direction, pretty much how the string rubs the yoyo body. It’s quite simple, do a trapeze, then move one hand slightly forward and another backward, also try the opposite, it will tilt the yoyo towards certain angle.
A little bit off topic, I think these are partially because most modern yoyos are “too stable”, rendering people to not learn how to control the tilt anymore. People won’t learn how to balance a bike if they just go forward one feet, they will arrive before falling. Just like stable yoyos are simply tilt more slowly (with bad technique) instead of forcing the player to control it.
Not trying to be elitist or anything, this problem just keep coming up again and again…

After a few more days playing, I think Mikers pretty much hit the nail on the head. I seem to be keeping neutral tension better with the Inverse string even compared to regular Type X it takes alot longer for the tension to get out of whack and things start tilting.