Hey Matt? Inverse type x?

What’s this all about? Purpose? Function?

For left handed yoyoers, with it the string tightens instead of loosening.

O mah gawd I need that

So that’s what it is! I was wondering what it was all about.


It is a reverse (aka left) twist string. I was asked to do it, as there were enough requests for it apparently. The listing will be polished up to make it more apparent what it is.

When lefties use regular string, it loosens with each throw instead of tightening. People that throw left, or two handed are used to this of course, but it is slightly different, especially when it comes to adjusting tension (it’s not done in mirror image of what righties do). If they want to have string react just like it does for righties then they now have an option in a Type X string. So it may be worth a try for lefties, although, if they have been yoyoing for a while, it is likely to be an adjustment at first when managing tension.

I am left handed, and perhaps this is why I included the possibility of being able to do this when setting up things, but curiously, yoyoing is one of the things I learned right handed.

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I tried this once when I was making string the other day do I could kinda feel what it’s like to be lefty and it sucks to have the string loosen!

Somehow or another I got some inverse cotton string for my fixed axles once. I’m left handed and it drove me absolutely bonkers lol. It just felt so wrong and I couldn’t keep the tension where I wanted it. That being said, I didn’t really mess with it for very long, and it is kind of intriguing to think about how the majority experience play(right handed folks). With it being a high quality string and not bottom barrel cotton I’m sure i could control it better too.

I’m going to need this if I ever do 3a. I can’t stand it when the string loosens. I could never really find left handed string.

I play left handed and I’m wondering is there an advantage to using inverse string or just preference?
I’m just so used to having to tighten my tension Idk of I’ll want to switch.

This guy seems to do okay with righty string. :wink:

(Warning: language in the music background.  You won’t miss anything by muting it to keep your parents (or coworkers) from wondering what you are listening to, lol.)

Anyway, he still wants to give Inverse a try.

What I wonder is, if loosening vs. tightening string is better or worse for suicides starting from neutral and progressively loosening or tightening: 1) for the likelyhood of inducing a twist in the loop, 2) for the quality of the loop, and 3) for the direction the loop begins to twist before it actually does.


Man that video was siiiiick. It’s not often that I feel a little put down after watching a video these days, but that certainly did the trick! Maybe I needed it haha. Honestly, that the first video of some random I’ve watched all the way through in sooo long.

Those slacks were awesome! I may have to take a second (or third) look at the video and see if I can pick some stuff.

Yeah, that ROFLcopter where the loop is doing stuff perpendicular to plane and he finally snags it on his thumb!  Crazy.

Dudes, that video was NUTS. I don’t know how people get that good and that creative, but it was jaw-dropping.

Glad you guys liked it. Yeah, I’ve been using righty string without fail since I started in '09. Personally, I don’t notice much difference between them since I try to keep my tension pretty close to even to hit my slacks, but it definitely makes a big difference if you’re doing the same trick over again (like you would if learning) and you like the feel of over-tense string better than under-tense string, or vice-versa for right-handed players.

That’s interesting about the suicides, I didn’t test in-depth for how they matched up to regular Type X, I just kind of made sure they had similar resistance to twisting. (which they do, in case anyone was curious)

Most lefties will probably hate the inverse if they’ve been using regular from the start, but it’s something everyone should try out, even right-handed players, if they’re interested in a left-handed perspective.

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Great, i just bought a bundle of string and it’ll be a while before i need new ones :frowning: