String for left handed players


I know String lab came out with their inverse version of their string for left handed players, is it better for left handed people or is there any string that is considered right handed but still good for left handed players? just want to get some opinions before i buy some string


What? There is string for leftys? Hmm, weird :stuck_out_tongue:

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This doesn’t answer your question, but I have a friend who throws lefty. I love it when he uses my yoyos cause it fixes my crappy tension when it gets super tight.

“Can I use this?”



It wont do anything for you. All it will change is the direction you fix your tension.


i know that, but when i use regular string, i feel like the string gets a lot of tension fairly quickly, so i was wondering if i use the string lab inverted string, that it will not cause the string to gain so much tension as fast.


It won’t make a difference. The string will just tighten instead of loosen.


It’s the other way around, unless you’re looping :smiley: But yea, the string will loosen at the same pace it tightens for righties. If you really do want a lefty string just get type x inverse, YYSL is beast…


He was asking what effect a lefty string would have. Normal string loosens for lefties, while a lefty string will make it tighten.



Left-handed string performs for lefties the way regular string performs for righties.


String lab has lefty string if I recall.


Please read the first post, i mentioned string labs inverse string for left handed players as my first sentence.




BigYoyo, has made some lefty string before. He would be willing to produce lefty string I believe as a custom order. Hit him up if you want some.


He’s got it right! I make lefty, hit me up broski!


Really, I don’t get this lefty string. There’s no benefit to having your string tighten vs loosen, right? Unless it’s hard for lefties to adjust their tension the other way, but I imagine that’s not a problem.