When is the last day you haven't thrown a yoyo?


I was curious when the last day everyone hasn’t thrown a yoyo. I can’t even remember. I think it was about 2 months ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same for me. I hate it when I take trips and forget a yoyo. Happened to me once, and still can’t believe it happened. Well I was in a rush so, yeah. :wink:

(Jesse) #3

I quit for about a month and a half for a little bit and yo-yoed almost none about a month or two ago.

(_|@<06) #4

Looooooong time ago…like a year and a half lol


last saturday when i worked a 16 hour shift :stuck_out_tongue:

(DOGS) #6



Can’t remember…

I don’t think I’ve missed a day since I actually started yoyoing again.


I’ve thrown every day for the past 15 months (every day since my reuptake in yoyoing). Haven’t missed one day! ;D



(M²) #10

i don’t think i’ve missed a day since i started yoyoing again.


Day before yesterday.


I haven’t been yoyoing for about a month =\ I have some pain in my wrist and I don’t want to risk it…

(Mitch) #13

Yeah the other day, I woke up late, got called into work early, got off late, came home, showered and crashed. But other than that I havent missed a day


i remember one time i ran out of string
I…I dont want to talk about it :’(
but i havent missed a day other than that

(M²) #15

i remember when i was new and ran out of string… even then, i played with my proyos (i couldn’t get the string off) and when all those strings broke, i made my own string out of string


so far, today might be one.


I think last Wednesday. I hadn’t thrown a lot today since I had been to the hospital since my foot is broken. I was kind of sad since I thought I wouldn’t be able to compete in a contest in three weeks. However, I grabbed my music, yoyo, and went outside, and practiced for 2 straight hours. Even though I have one of those weird boot things for broken feet, I am still going to compete with it off. However, I’ll practice with it on, so it’ll be easier to compete with it off. This is going to be fun. :slight_smile:

(JayVee) #18

Probably two days ago


Ummm, sometime mid November ;D

(M²) #20

you must do leg wrap trap! Bummer about your foot, my moms snapped her achillies a month or so ago so she’s still in in crutches and probably will be for another month… How’d you break you foot anyway?